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About Felledge Animal Centre

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Felledge Animal Centre is certainly one of the busiest animal establishments in the country.

As all the animals that come to the Centre have been rescued from cruelty or neglect it gives the staff quite a challenge to rehabilitate them and prepare them for a new life with caring and loving adopters.

Our cattery can house more than 60 cats at a time with comfy sleeping areas and toys and scratching posts to keep them occupied until they go to a new home. Many require gentle and careful handling at first as they recover from previous trauma and mistreatment until they realise they are safe.

Our state of the art kennels have been designed to cater specifically for cruelty case dogs that have to stay with us for extended periods, sometimes up to a year, while the court cases are ongoing. With over 40 dogs always on site, walking, socialising and training takes up most of the day to keep all the dogs contented while they wait for their forever home.