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Doncaster and Rotherham RSPCA Corporate Sponsorship

Do you represent a business (large or small) or an organisation that would like to support a local charity?

 Then look no further Doncaster and Rotherham RSPCA need your help. In 2016 we cared for 1126 animals and rehomed 1105 during this period.

There are a number of different ways that you can support and you will receive tailored support from our Income Generation Manager to guide you through the process which we aim to make as simple as possible.

 The following is a list of suggestions:

Fundraising (see the A - Z of fundraising ideas)

Volunteering opportunities - Get your staff involved with a project

Donation of Goods - Contact the centre for an up to date list of items needed.

Charity of the year - Make us your Charity of the year

Pro - Bono support

Support our Events

Contact our Income Generation Manager to discuss your requirements. 

 Fundraising A-Z

A:Auction – silent/promise.

B:Ball, birthday challenge (celebrate your birthday or friends by punishing yourself with various extreme athletic endeavours), bad taste day (those that refuse to pay a fine.)

C:Cake sale, comedy evening, car boot sale, charity shop donation, come dine with me (donate to take part.)

D:Donate your birthday/wedding/Christmas money, dinner (friends pay to attend), dog walking, dress down day at work, dog grooming.

E:Easter Egg Hunt, eighties disco.

F:Fun run, Fashion show.

G:Gift Aid (reclaim money donated by asking people to select the Gift Aid box on your sponsor form including their name, address and postcode), golf day.

H:How many sweets in the jar.

I:It’s a knock out.

J:Jumble sale, jailbreak (dressed as prisoners, sponsored teams are dropped off at a mystery destination, without money or a mobile; they must find their way back.)

K:Karaoke evening.

L:Lucky Dip, line dancing.

M:Masked ball, marathon, mobile phone recycling

N:Night at the races, non-swearing day.

O:Office appeal, office Olympics (speed typing or synchronised chair swivelling.)

P:Plant sale, pet food, pamper party.

Q:Quiz night.

R:Running event, raffle (it must be part of another event to be strictly legal.)

S:Sweepstake, spot the odd objects in the office, sponsored swim or silence.

T:Talent competitions, themed day’s e.g. fancy dress, treasure hunt, wear specific clothing.

U:University challenge

V:Video quiz, valentine’s ball.

W:Wine and cheese evening, wine tasting evening, wedding donations.

X:Xmas cards/decorations (make and sell), X Factor competition.

Y:Yoga in your lunch break.

Z:Zombie fancy dress party.

Ideas for Kids

From sponsored activities to biscuit sales…..

  • Organise a sponsored activity for you or your friends.
  • Donate your unwanted mobile phones and used ink-jet and toner cartridges to the RSPCA.
  • Hold a bring and buy sale at guides/brownies/youth clubs etc.
  • Get friends to bring in pictures of their pets and make up a board with them on.  Charge a small entry fee and get everyone you know to guess whose pet belongs to who.
  • Make up a pop quiz sheets and charge people £1 to enter (don’t forget to include a tie-breaker in case two people get the same number of questions right.)
  • Make cake or animal biscuits and make them available in return for donations.

Ideas for work

You will find ideas suitable for offices (to run amongst colleagues) and shops or other areas where the public is present.

In the office

  • Have a ‘dress down day’ and charge colleagues £1 to come to work in casual clothes, to wear a silly tie or an outrageous pair of earrings!
  • Ask your boss to donate a small prize and hold a raffle.
  • Donate your unwanted mobile phones and used ink-jet and toner cartridges to the RSPCA.
  • Guess the number of sweets in a jar.
  • Hold a guess the baby competition.
  • Have a challenge on who can raise the most money from starting with just £20 (or a similar amount.)
  • Volunteer for your local RSPCA Branch.
  • Ask a colleague to bring in a tin of pet food during RSPCA Week and donate them to the RSPCA branch or animal centre.
  • Contact your local branch and ask them what activities they have planned – put up a poster for them on your staff noticeboard to help them with publicity.
  • Hold a don’t dump donate day.  Ask staff to bring in unwanted clothes and donate them to a charity.  Please check where your nearest charity shop is and know how to transport donations to the shop.
  • Give it up for animals!  Each member of staff must give up something for a week or a month.  It could be chocolate, alcohol, cakes etc.

Shop and other public places

  • Donation in return for a small badge or sticker.
  • Hold an animal quiz/guess the animal paw print competition – quiz sheets for £1 donation (don’t forget the tie breaker.)
  • Guess the animal paw print competition for £1 with a prize donated by the company (don’t forget to have a tie breaker.)
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