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Welcome to RSPCA Chiltern Branch

The RSPCA Chiltern Branch is a local animal welfare charity that works to prevent cruelty and suffering to animals. Our branch is affiliated with the main RSPCA but is a separately registered charity that relies on the generosity of the general public and income from our shop. 

We are run by a Committee of locally elected Trustees who are responsible for the management of the Branch.

The RSPCA Chiltern Branch helps rescues, rehabilitates and re-home animals from within the areas of Dacorum, Aylesbury, and Buckingham. Every year we rescue and rehome hundreds of unwanted, stray and abandoned animals.


*Opportunities To Help*

We are looking for people to join our team of fosterers. Our branch is fully reliant on fosterers to help care for the animals who come into our care as we do not have the main centre. Fostering is such an important role in rehabilitating and caring for our animals. It adjusts them to normal life by learning a routine, socialising, building trust with the freedom to play and be themselves, it ensures they are fully prepared for their next adventure. Do you have a home, time and love to give? We are looking for Dog, Cat/Kitten and Rabbit fosterers. If you are considering fostering, we ask you to provide the home, the love and the care, we here at Chiltern Branch will provide everything else you need. 

To find out more please contact our Animal Coordinator  Pamela  on 07584 964794 or



We currently have a few cats/kittens who have required ongoing treatment since being brought to us. These animals will eventually be ready for rehoming but for now, they are being monitored closely. If you would like to support us in getting these animals back into a fit state for rehoming, we have some items on our Amazon Wishlist which would be a great help to us.


 In the case of an emergency or to report animal cruelty, please call the RSPCA Helpline 0300 1234 999 


Rehome a pet - can you offer a home to an animal in our care?