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This week 

Rabbit Natter!

And then there were two...

 Duchess and Rosie are a striking pair of medium sized rabbits, with super shiny coats. They are approximately 18 months old and are neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped. They haven’t had the best start in life and really deserve a caring, spacious home where they can develop their true personalities. At present they are a little shy, but will gain confidence when settled in their forever home. 





 Socks has found her furever home!

 Please phone Kay if you could give them a loving home - 01296 733255


Bunty our adorable cream mini lop, has been adopted and has found a husbun in the process!  She is now living with Digger, (pictured in the background) her new pal, and Digger's human family (thanks Stacey so much!) 






Pepsi our 8 year old, who has been with us for about a year has also found a loving home - we are so pleased for Pepsi and so appreciative of her new family.  


Could you be a Chiltern Branch Trustee?

 We are looking for additional Trustees to manage the Chiltern Branch and our quest to rescue abandoned, abused and neglected animals in the Chiltern area.  We particularly need expertise in fundraising and retail – but all aspects of Management experience from any field would be very welcome and extremely valuable.  Approximately five – ten hours per month is a guide of your time required – we can flex and adapt to suit both parties.

 Trustee Responsibilities:

Trustees have a shared responsibility for effectively managing the branch in order to provide a local animal welfare service in line with Society objects /policies.  It is important that all branch trustees participate fully in and bear equal responsibility for decision-making. For example, although the treasurer has primary oversight of financial matters, the committee as a whole has responsibility for financial decisions and the allocation of resources.  We hold monthly meetings which you would be required to attend and participate in/contribute to along with adhoc meetings to progress various campaigns and initiatives. 

 Our Chiltern Branch AGM (annual general meeting) is scheduled for the 15/6/18 and is an opportunity for the trustees to report the year’s activities to the members, explain the accounts and answer questions. At the AGM, the members adopt the accounts and elect the trustees for the coming year.   Please contact Deborah Blissett, Branch Secretary at:  if you are interested in becoming a Trustee for this incredible charity.  Trustee roles and responsibilities detailed below:

 Key activities

  • To be familiar with the branch rules and follow them at all times.     
  • To be familiar with and support the aims and policies of the RSPCA.
  • To work in conjunction with your fellow trustees and branch officers and jointly act in making decisions for the best interest of the branch and the RSPCA.
  • Ensure the branch meets all the minimum animal welfare standards (MAWS).  Where they are not met, work with national RSPCA staff to meet the standard as soon as practicable.
  • In conjunction with your fellow trustees and BDA write, adopt, monitor & review a branch development plan setting out the short and long term aims of your branch
  • To actively participate in branch committee meetings and to attend the branch annual general meeting and regional conference.
  • To be aware of the outcome of regional board meetings and support regional initiatives.
  • To attend the trustee training course.  Trustee training is provided by our Branch support specialist.
  • To actively promote and advertise the society in an ongoing programme to recruit new branch trustees and volunteers.
  • To welcome and assist the integration of new trustees and volunteers.
  • Where applicable and in conjunction with your fellow trustees, ensure the proper management and control of all activities and decisions relating to any premises held or staff employed by the branch.
  • To act at all times as a good ambassador for the branch and the society.


Its RSPCA Week 11th to 17th June!

May we possibly call upon our Animal Angels to help with our annual opportunity to raise funds and awareness for abused, abandoned and neglected animals on our doorstep?

We are desperate for help with collecting and fundrasing during RSPCA week from 11th-17th June.

Could you create a cracking coffee morning? 

Hold a super cake sale? 

Organise a divine dress down day at school? 

How about a Great Big Picnic? Why not host an RSPCA Great Big Picnic and invite your friends and family round to enjoy the weather and have some fun? 

If you go to the gym, get friends and family to sponsor you on the treadmill, rowing machine, stepper and in the pool for your workouts? 

If you belong to a golf club or any other sporting club, hold a small raffle or run an ‘auction’ in the bar. 

Organise a jumble sale/take along your stuff to a car boot sale. 

Have a party and ask people to make a donation to the RSPCA rather than a bottle/present. 

Please email if you are interested in helping raise money for abused, abandoned and neglected animals in our area. 

You can help make a big difference...
The money that you raise at your fundraising event will help us to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate animals in need. eg:

Raise £30 and you could help us rescue a neglected animal. 
Raise £60 and you could help provide enough food, shelter and bedding for a rescued dog for a week. 
Raise £120 and you could help pay for a pet to be microchipped, vaccinated and treated so he’s ready for his loving new home

We really look forward to hearing from you. :-)




Our charity shops in Aylesbury and Buckingham are desperate for CLOTHING/TEXTILE  donations, we urgently need clothes - men's, women's and children's - even old clothes that you are going to throw away, please drop them off to Buckingham or Aylesbury and we'll change them into funding for lovely Socks, Tibby, Jaylan and our latest addition - Emmie the Pup from the Pub - a poor little thing found in a plastic bag in a pub car park (we will tell her full story soon - don't worry - it will have a happy ending).

So, when you are Spring cleaning  your winter wardrobe, (yes, I know, Spring?) please spare a thought for the 300 plus clothes hangers laying redundant in the hanger bin at the Buckingham shop, just waiting to recycle your winter warmers - woollies, dresses, trousers, skirts, shirts and tops - which, in turn will help the abandoned and abused animals in our care.

Whilst clothing is top of our wish list, we don't expect you to trot off to the shops in next to nothing in order to donate, that would never do -  but any items you could bag up and drop off would be wonderful.

See you at the shop!

Aylesbury Charity Shop 35 Cambridge Street, Aylesbury, HP20 1RP Tel 01296 415846 (Annette is our wonderful Shop Manager) 

Buckingham Charity Shop 9 Market Square, Buckingham, MK18 1NJ  Tel  01280 308215 (Yaz is our fabulous Shop Manager)


Dear lovely reader, please do this for lost and stolen pets everywhere:




  • The Chiltern Branch of the RSPCA is locally based animal welfare charity that works to prevent cruelty to and suffering of animals.  Every year we rescue hundreds of unwanted, stray and abandoned animals.  We serve the areas of Dacorum, Aylesbury, and Buckingham as a separately registered branch of the RSPCA.  We are responsible for raising our own funds locally to help animals in our area.  We raise funds through events and our two charity shops in Aylesbury and Buckingham and through donations and legacies we receive from the public. 
  • You can also support us by shopping online -

We are currently fundraising to help pay the vets bills for seven poorly pups... 

Firstly,  we  had  the  Wendover  6,  six  pups  found  abandoned  in  a  suitcase  (in  Wendover!)  All  were  neglected, in  a very  bad  way and needed a lot of care and treatment.  Luckily, we have access to some wonderful vetinary surgeons and nurses, not forgetting some pretty amazing fosterers who give their time and love to reinstate these abused, abandoned animals faith in human nature.  

Secondly, we  also  have  substantial  vet  bills  for  Tess  the  Terrier,  un-microchipped Tess  was  hit  by  a  car  and  had  to  undergo  major  surgery  for  a  fractured  pelvis.   We went for a check up today  (5/12/17) and the vets were very pleased with her progress.  She can now bare weight on her left rear leg and muscle is beginning to grow around the hip joint.  She had her first vaccination and was microchipped.  We have to return for a final check in four weeks and then she can be spayed.  She is becoming a happy and active little terrier but is nervous of strangers - we are confident she will become a loving pet to a loving forever home.  Tess deserves that.

On to the costs... we are a small branch of the National RSPCA - helping  abused  and  neglected  animals  in  the  Chiltern  area  and  are self funding.  The  Wendover  Six  vets  bills  amounted  to  well  over  £3,500. Tess’s veterinary bills have been over £1,000 so far and we are hoping that some generous souls may send a donation towards the bills.   If you can please contribute at all, every penny will be very much appreciated.  Thank you!


WE URGENTLY NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP AT OUR AYLESBURY & BUCKINGHAM SHOPS ON MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS - have you a few hours a week spare to come along and help serve customers, sort donations, assist with the back room tasks? 

  • We are also recruiting volunteers with fundraising experience... can you help?  Maybe you know an amazing event organiser with a couple of hours a week to spare? Or someone who can help us arrange awareness events/man(or woman) a stall at a market/fete?  Or even research potential venues/pitches?

    Please contact Cherry Cooke (  if you are in the Chiltern area - or know someone who is...    


Chiltern Branch RSPCA Contacts

  • Chair - Linda Rimington - 07768 111224 -
  • Secretary -  Deborah Blissett  -
  • Animal Welfare & Rehoming - Kay Prior - 07748014572 / 01296 733255 -
  • Volunteer Coordinator -   Cherry Cooke -
  • Charity Shops -  Aylesbury - 01296 415846 / Buckingham - 01280 308215


Rehome a pet - can you offer a home to an animal in our care?