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Cambridge & District Branch

We are a branch of the RSPCA raising money locally to support our animal welfare work. 
Our branch is run by a committee of locally elected volunteers who are responsible for the management and administration of the branch's affairs.

Our main activities are:

  • Caring for and rehoming animals in need who are brought to us by our local RSPCA Inspectors
  • Providing treatment for sick and injured stray animals.
  • A small animal clinic for owners who are unable to afford the full cost of veterinary treatment.

View the gallery of animals in our care who are available for adoption

Our main regular income to support these activities comes from our charity shops and we are very grateful to the volunteers, donors and customers who make this possible. 

Please note that the Animal Clinic can only see clients who live within an 18 mile radius from the clinic address, 1 Pool Way, Whitehill Road, Cambridge CB5 8NT

If you reached this page by searching for your closest RSPCA clinic and you live outside the 18 mile limit then your own local branch may be able to help you by providing financial assistance at a local private vet.

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