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Buckinghamshire South

The RSPCA Buckinghamshire South is a separately registered charity from the main RSPCA HQ and operates at a local level to support animal welfare in south Buckinghamshire.                                      

The charity rehabilitates and rehomes animals taken in through our fostering facilities. As well as providing subsidised microchipping, neutering and veterinary treatments for those in financial hardship. The charity also provides education and advice on animal related matters. 

The charity is located in the southeast of England nestled amongst the Chiltern Hills covering the major urban areas of: 

  • Chesham to the north East
  • Burnham to the south East
  • High Wycombe to the West
  • Princes Risborough to the north West

The charity raises the majority of its funds locally through donations from members of the public and from our retail operations located in Chesham, Princes Risborough, and Burnham selling donated goods. 

The governing body of the charity is made up of volunteers, performing the role of trustees. The operational delivery of the charity is performed with a blend of voluntary and paid employees. 

All individuals perform the role of ambassadors of the RSPCA Buckinghamshire South.