Blackpool & North Lancs Branch
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RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancashire Branch has moved

On 26.08.2014 we moved from our old site on Division lane to:

74D Longview Animal Centre
Old Toms Lane, Stalmine,                                                                                                Lancashire,                                                                                                            FY6 0JR
01253 703000

We have a fully operated cattery and small animal unit. Our dog kennels are set for completion early this year. Our next stage is to raise enough funding for a urgently needed rabbit block.

We hope you will all come and visit us and see our new state of the art centre. The animals have better accommodation at the new site and it will be better working conditions for all the staff and volunteers.

Come and see us Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm. Our opening times are now an hour later than they were at the old site.




We are always in need of volunteers at the animal centre and our charity shops. Raising funds allows us to be able to continue our work in helping these poor animals in need.


We have a shop onsite where you can buy food, beds, harnesses, toys, leads, collars and a range of great items for your pets! 


Updated 14.07.2015

Why did we move site?

The animal centre, on Division Lane, Blackpool was opened in 1958 and is long overdue an upgrade. You may well know that this area, known as 'The Moss', is very low lying and constantly shifting and, although the buildings have done very well over the years, the cracks are beginning to show. For the Branch, the cost of building on the moss is prohibitively high. Building regulations require piles to be sunk around 45' down and then build on them. To rebuild on this site would add a considerable sum to the cost of building elsewhere. The site was also quite short of space and to provide better quality animal accommodation we would need a bigger site hence the move to Stalmine.

Move to where?

The Trustees took the decision, a couple of years ago, to look for an alternative site and, through a lucky contact, found a site at Stalmine, which was being used as a boarding kennels. The site is plenty big enough to accommodate our existing animals plus a small expansion.

The basics were already on-site but there was and still is a considerable amount of building work to be done. The cattery, small animals and reception block are all up and working. We are waiting on completion of the dogs this year next we will look at a rabbit block.

What about the animals?

The animal accommodation at Longview's old site was best being described as ‘tired’. The welfare of unwanted pets is of paramount importance to us and the rebuild will provide animal accommodation built using modern materials and to a higher specification than the old site.

What about the visitors?

Unlike the old centre, the new centre is on an existing bus route so will be more accessible to those without a car.

How did we pay for the move?

Obviously this move has considerably cost a large amount of money and therefore a concerted fundraising effort is needed over the next 12 months. We, as ever, have a number of events planned throughout the coming year.

But we also need your help, however large or small. If you would like to help on the fundraising team, or make a donation, please get in touch.

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