Blackpool & North Lancs Branch
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About Us

Meet the team:

Name: Martyn

Branch Manager: Martyn has been with the society for over 30 years. 16 of those years were with the South Durham and North Yorkshire Branch before becoming involved with the Blackpool & North Lancs Branch. He holds a City & Guilds qualifications and several certificates in animal welfare courses obtained from Myerscough college over the years. He owns two cats and an African Grey Parrot, all of which have been adopted from the animal centre.

Name: Hannah

Animal Centre Manager: Hannah has a Foundation Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and has a passion for animal welfare. She owns an nine  year old cat called Alfie and two rabbits called Luna and Rudy who were all adopted from Longview.  Hannah has a lot of knowledge and experience with all kinds of animals having been involved with the branch for the last 12 years.

Name: Alison

Cattery Supervisor: Alison volunteered at the branch and Blackpool Zoo before being employed. She has a passion for animal care in particular cats and their behaviour and has studied at Myerscough College. She has completed RSPCA standard procedures enabling her to microchip and vaccinate animals. Alison has a pet cat called Minnie. She also has several qualifications in animal care including a BSC Hons Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Name: Kelly

Kennel Supervisor : Kelly joined the team in February 2016. She previosly studied at Myerscough College and has a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management and a BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Kelly is devoted to all animals however her passion is dogs and their behaviour. At home, Kelly has a large variety of animals including emus and a flock of sheep!

Name: Carol

Animal Care Assistant: Carol volunteered at several veterinary practices and has a interest in the veterinary elements of her job. Since starting at Longview she has completed her standard procedures and is qualified to microchip. She has two BSC degrees one in Zoology and the other in Animal Behaviour & Welfare. In addition to this, she has a diploma in Business Management. Carol owns 2 Beagles, 3 cats and 2 rabbits.

Name: Louise

Animal Care Assistant: Louise has 2 cats and a dog of her own. She has been volunteering for the Branch for over 25 years! She has only just this year been hired as part time staff. We are very pleased to have Louise as a member of our staff, she certainly deserves her position after volunteering for so many hours over the years to help the animals. She is very knowledgeable on rabbits, guineas and cats.

Name: Kim

Animal Care Assistant: Kim has worked at the centre since December 2015. She has previously studied at Myerscough College and has a National Diploma in Animal Management. At home, Kim has a dog and a cat who were both rehomed from the centre.

Name: Olivia

Animal Care Assistant: Olivia has completed her Level 2 in Small Animal Care through Myerscough College. She has volunteered in various rescues and boarding kennels before starting with us at the centre in January 2016.

Name: Paula

Animal Care Assistant: Paula volunteered at the centre and then completed her work experience before becoming a member of staff in July 2017. She has recently gained a distinction star qualification in Animal Care Level 2 and also an outstanding student award at Myerscough College. Paula owns a rabbit called Russett and three Border Terriers called Kelpie, Teko and Mara.

Name: Maria

Part Time Receptionist/Cleaner: Maria has worked at the centre for over four years as a cleaner before becoming our part time receptionist last year.

Name: Ross

Apprentice: Ross is currently completing his Level 2 Apprenticeship through Myerscough College

Name: Ella

Apprentice: Ella is currently completing her Level 2 Apprenticeship through Myerscough College

Name: Ryan

Apprentice: Ross is currently completing his Level 2 Apprenticeship through Myerscough College

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