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Fun Day and Dog Show 28th July 2013

Fun Day and Dog Show 28th July 2013 image

FUN DAY 2013

Sunday morning came and we awoke to a gazeebo disaster - extremely heavy rain overnight had brought them all crashing down and in some cases beyond repair.    The staff all pulled together to clear up and make good where possible - the fun day had arrived.


Despite a few gusty moments during the day the weather brightened up.   With the sun came our supporters, many with their wonderful dogs.   The dog show, as always, was a great success and enjoyed by an amazing variety of dogs, young, old, large and small.


The public were entertained in the main ring by our Staffie club who talked about their dogs and the breed followed by an obedience to music display, a demonstration by our dog training staff, and a wonderful display from the Midlands Bernese Carters showing their amazing dogs and colourful carts.


Our now famous hero display brought everyone to tears.   Ex case dogs, who have been through rehabilitation, now happy in new homes come back to tell their story and collect their hero rosette.  Amongst them this year was Winston, one of the dogs from the Crunchys case.  Subjected to horrific conditions in a so called “sanctuary”, rescued and found to be microchipped.  By the time his story came over the PA and he paraded around with his grateful owners, there was not a dry eye around the main ring, including the inspector who was trying to keep it together on the PA.  Winston went on to enter and win the Rescue dog of the year - a very deserving winner. (see his photo above)  


A huge thank you to all the public who supported us on the day, the volunteers who came out in force with the staff and proved what an amazing team we have. I am really proud of them all.   We managed to raise a wonderful £9.8k.  An outstanding result.

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