Blackberry Farm Animal Centre
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How you can help us

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It costs over £700,000 a year to run Blackberry Farm Animal Centre. We rely entirely on your support to be able to continue our work.

We care for animals like Bounce. She was cruelly abandoned in a demolished kitchen with no food or water. She became so desperate for help that she stuck her head through a vent in the wall and became stuck.

A concerned member of the public called the RSPCA and one of our inspectors attended the scene. To release poor Bounce a hole had to be drilled in the wall.

Bounce was successfully rehomed and is now enjoying life with a new caring owner.


Make an online donation

It costs an average of £7.50 per animal per day to rehabilitate an animal at the centre. You can make an online donation today using the red Donate now button on the right hand side of this page. You can choose to make a single donation or a regular monthly donation.

The money you gift to us will help us continue to care for cats, dogs, horses and all the animals in our care who have suffered from neglect and cruelty. Thank you very much - we can't do it without you.

Amazon Wish Lists

we have 3 wish lists one for dogs, cats and small animals.  Here you can purchase a gift for the animals in our care.  There are lots of different items and different prices so there should be something there for everyone.  the links can be found on the News page 


Fundraising group

We have a fundraising group here at Blackberry Farm who have regular meetings and arrange events to help us raise money for the animals in our care. Currently we are raising money towards an enrichment garden for the dogs. If you have some spare time, enjoy meeting like minded people and are interested in becoming a member, please contact us.


Raising funds for us

Would you like to help raise funds for the many animals in our care? Why not sign up for a sky dive, cycling challenge or marathon? Find out more on our fundraising pages.



We now have a shop at the centre! We sell a wide range of good including most of your pets supplies.  We are also able to order specific items for you if you do not find a particular brand or product in the shop - just ask reception for help 

Our shop is open Tuesday - Sunday 10.30am to 4.00pm – please pop by – we're sure you'll love it.



We have a small conservatory where you can purchase a cup of tea/coffee or a soft drink and maybe a muffin or some confectionary.  Here you can sit and enjoy these while reading some of the articles and information on the display boards.



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