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The RSPCA is the leading UK animal welfare charity. We specialise in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals in the greatest need, and the prevention of cruelty.

RSPCA clinics are committed to animal welfare and provide REDUCED COST VETERINARY ASSISTANCE on these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE for those clients who are in receipt of an ELIGIBLE MEANS TESTED BENEFIT.  If you are not eligible for reduced cost veterinary assistance, we can only provide EMERGENCY VETERINARY ASSISTANCE at an UNSUBSIDISED rate.

Reduced Cost Veterinary Assistance (New Terms and Conditions of Service)

To register for this service, you must attend the clinic during regular opening times prior to any veterinary service being received and must provide the following documentary proof of eligibility: Proof of benefits An award letter from your local DWP or similar documentation is required (Current Post office/Bank Statements are acceptable).Original evidence of one of a defined list of means tested benefits: Income support, Income based Jobseekers Allowance, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit or Universal Credit.

Photographic proof of identity and age (over 18), being either:  Passport, Driving licence. Proof of address at which you are the householder/rent payer of the property, e.g. utility bill, within the defined catchment area (within one of the following postal codes): B1-B48, B60-B76, B90-B95, WS10, DY1-DY9

Clients who are unable to provide all of the required documentation or are otherwise ineligible can only be provided with an emergency, unsubsidised treatment service and will need to seek continued care privately.

Multi-animal households The maximum number of animals you can register for reduced cost veterinary assistance is two, only one of which may be a purebred, pedigree or “designer crossbreed”. This limitation does not apply to animals rehomed from the RSPCA. Determination of eligibility for these purposes is at the entire discretion of the RSPCA, whose decision is final.

Loss, death and rehoming of animal If a registered animal goes missing or dies, the clinic must be notified immediately so that clinical records can be updated. If a registered animal is rehomed the clinic must be notified immediately so that clinical records can be provided by referral to the new owner’s vet. A period of six months must pass before you may register another animal, making it even more important to notify us of changes to a registered animal immediately.

Neutering and microchipping All registered dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets must be neutered and micro-chipped at the first opportunity after registration for reduced cost veterinary assistance Micro-chipping is free with any surgical procedure, and involves a chip being injected under the skin. Microchip numbers must be registered on the microchip database to the owner, and to their current home address, which must match the address given on registration. If you  do not have your animal/s neutered after being given a second opportunity to do so, and usually within six months of registration, you will no longer be eligible for veterinary assistance.

The only exception to this rule is when a vet considers either procedure to be unsuitable for the particular animal at that time.