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Top Tips for selling on eBay for charity

eBay for Charity provided some top tips for selling that we thought might be useful.  These tips will help you to create the most effective listings, ultimately helping to raise more money for our cause.

  1. Donating – when listing your items, you can choose to donate the money directly to us. It’s as simple as selecting the donation box when you list the item and choosing what percentage of the sales you want to donate, and selecting RSPCA Basingstoke & Andover. If you choose to donate 100% of the money from the sale, eBay will wave 100% of your basic selling fees!
  2. Favourite a charity –  when you favourite us, it personalizes your buying or selling experience so you can support us every time you buy or sell. By simply clicking the ‘Add to My favourites’ button on our charity page
  3. Hidden treasure - it’s easy to overlook items lying around but old smartphones, last season’s fashion and baby clothes are common items bought and sold on eBay. Just make sure you clean and disinfect any item that you intend to sell in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and factory reset any devices for security purposes
  4. The description - make sure that you use the right words when you describe your item, so that you can attract the right bidders. When buyers search, automatically filters the listing titles, so make sure to use the right brand and product names so that people can find your item
  5. Photos - try to take photos in natural light against a neutral background to show the items off in the best way possible
  6. Be honest - if there are any scuffs or scratches, it’s best to be honest about them. When selling clothes, include the fit and fabric of an item, that way the buyer has the full background and bids in full confidence.
  7. The price - has a helpful function that allows you to search for the item you want to sell and then filter the results by sold items, so that you can view the price the item has sold for and list yours at a similar price.
  8. Timing- list your item for up to 10 days, to ensure enough people see it and have the chance to bid on it
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