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Goodbye Shop, Goodbye Basingstoke 'Top of Town'!

Our shop was our main income for financial support to fund our welfare work in the Basingstoke and Andover area. We would love to continue to provide this charity shop service that many have loved over the years but we are desperately searching for the right place.

If anyone knows of an empty unit that we can easily receive and sell donations from, please let us know!

We would love for it to be a hub for animal advice and support, also somewhere where we can advertise our animals up for adoption as well as holding meet and greets. Without a physical location that people can come to we are worried we may not be able to continue our amazing charity work that we have carried out tirelessly for the past 50 years locally here.

We have continued to support both animals and their owners throughout lockdown but it has hit us hard.

If you are able to help with property locations please get in contact or offer financial support by pressing the 'Donate' button at the top of this page that would be wonderful. Our furry friends will be eternally grateful!

Thank you all so much for your support over the years.

Your RSPCA Basingstoke & Andover Branch Team

Catch us in the press (Thank you Basingstoke Gazette for helping us spread the word!)

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