Basingstoke & Andover Branch
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Giving to our charity shop

Things to consider

  1. Is it still functional - please make sure that items are not broken and unusable e.g. missing jigsaw pieces or pages in a book!  Some items we may be able to mend but please ask us first as some items may prove too expensive to fix.
  2. Is it clean - items should be clean so that means clothing items recently washed and shoes not covered in mud
  3. Delivery is best - if you can drop items into the shop that helps reduce our transport costs and enables our volunteers to focus on sorting or upcycling donated goods.
  4. Can we sell it - please check what we can and can't accept and if you'd like more information then please contact the shop.
  5. Clothing or textiles - if it is beyond rescue then you can always give us a bag labelled 'for rag' so that we can sell on to a textile recycler.
  6. Blankets and towels - donations intended for our foster animals still need to be clean and functional.  These can be dropped in to the shop but please label for foster animals.


  1. Animal welfare - you are helping our branch and the animals we rescue
  2. Environment - the items you donate get a second life and rather than being thrown away in landfill they are re-used or up-cycled.

What we can accept

We sell a wide range of goods, the following list provides a guide only.  If you aren't sure or it isn't on the list please ask the shop, if we can't accept it we can advise who can:

  • Accessories and bags
  • Books
  • CDs and DVDs (not homemade or containing sensitive material)
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Games and toys (carrying the CE mark)
  • Ornaments, bric-a-brac and household
  • Paintings
  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Small items of furniture (meeting Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations of 1988)
  • Home furnishings

Please note:  we are currently unable to accept electrical goods until we have recruited a volunteer able to undertake Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

What we can't accept

  • Children's car seats.
  • Crash helmets, cycle helmets, protective headgear or riding hats
  • Explosives, firearms or flammable items
  • Medicines or medication
  • Electrical goods
  • Spectacles with prescription lenses
  • Prams and pushchairs that do not conform to BS standards number 7409 or BS EN 1888:2003.
  • Food, Wine or Spirits
  • Videos and cassette tapes or floppy disks
  • Counterfeit or fake goods

We also abide by the guidelines set down by the RSPCA, Science and Policy Division, in respect to items banned for re-sale.  

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