Basingstoke & Andover Branch
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Daisey & Sandy


Daisey came into our care on the 5th May as a stray from the Basingstoke area.  After 7 days and she wasn't claimed we had her speyed and microchipped.  At only 6 months old and such a lovely and friendly cat it only took until the 19th May to find her a new home.


We originally re-homed Sandy to a family in Oxfordshire but sadly Sandy came back into our care on 10th April.  Her new foster home gave her lots of love and spent time training her to overcome some dominance issues and learn a few manners!  We have spent considerable time and effort ensuring that the cheeky and loveable Sandy goes to the right home.  After a lot of interest Sandy moved to Andover and her new home on 22nd May. 

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