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The medical issue with short nose breed of dogs

A common problem with both Pugs and French Bulldogs is that they are being deliberately bred with short noses because this is how us humans want them to look...what not a lot of us are aware of though is that this actually imposes breathing and eating issues, which is not fair for these sweet natured animals.

As a branch we took on 3 Pugs and a French Bulldog that had been in Kennels for two and a half years. They were part of a case between a council and an unlicensed breeder.

Once the case was resolved several branches were offered the animals to care for and rehome.

Leo, Otis, Lulu and Lola's story:

Leo is a six year old French bulldog and was part of the case, they did all see vets whilst in Kennels.

Leo was diagnosed with megaesophagus so has to be fed in a certain way; with soft balls of wet food being dropped in his mouth. He is fine and doesn't mind being fed like this but this should hopefully stop him getting aspiration pneumonia.

Once in the care of our vets, he felt he was doing really well but would benefit from having his nostril widened and his soft palet shortened (called brachycephlic, obstructive airway syndrome, BOAS).

Leo has now had the operation which cost £700 plus getting him neutered.

Otis, Lulu and Lola are three and a half year old Pugs from the same litter. The three pugs are amazing and have lovely personalities.

Unfortunately though, all three have really bad breathing so also needed the BOAS operation to widen their nostrils and shorten their pallets. Each operation costed £600 plus neutering. They have all successfully had their operations this week and are all doing well.

They have now all been adopted and are ready to go to their forever homes.

If you care about these dogs please do your research and only adopt from rescues or buy from breeders who are actively breeding out these awful physical traits that cause them a lifetime of misery and can shorten their lives or make them have to undergo painful surgery.

Please don't be the reason these dogs continue to suffer by paying thousands of pounds to allow this to continue litter after litter after litter.

If you are able to offer financial support towards the cost of their operations, or towards the operations required by future rescue pups with similar issues, press the 'Donate' button at the top of this page.

If you would like to help us in any other way, to continue to work tirelessly helping the animals you love, please get in contact. Our furry friends will be eternally grateful!

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