Wirral & Chester Branch

How we help local animals

The Wirral Animal Centre has been helping animals since the 1940's. We are currently licensed for 141 cats and 7 dogs and are normally full to capacity. We always give priority to sick, injured and unowned animals as well as giving a valuable outlet to the animals most at need via the Inspectors.

We successfully rehome around 600 cats each year and rehabilitate a number of dogs that have come to us via the Inspectors that have needed a little extra time and effort to ensure they have the best possible chance of being successfully rehomed. 

Learn more about neutering and microchipping in the Wirral and Chester areas.

We promote responsible pet ownership through neutering and microchipping campaigns.  


We offer a neuter voucher for cats for £50 if you are in receipt of benefits.

The Voucher must be redeemed at Wirral Vets Upton, or Riverside Vets Bromborough. Please email info@rspcawirral.co.uk


We may be able to assist with XL bully neutering for exempted dogs if you are in receipt of benefits. Please email info@rspcawirral.co.uk for more information.


We cannot offer assistance with other dog neutering. 


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Contact via email only.

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Contact via email only.

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