Northumberland West Branch
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Our Shops

Our shops are our main source of income. Located at Hexham, Prudhoe and Rothbury.

Hexham shop opening times are: Monday to Saturday 9:45am to 4pm

They are largely staffed by volunteers  who are lead by a paid employee.We rely on the generosity of the public to provide donated goods for us to sell.Hexham Shop is the longest established of our three shops. Pictured above are some of our volunteers. 

 Prudhoe shop is locate on the corner of Prudhoe High Street. Why not consider volunteering to assist us by working in our shop.

Prudhoe shop opening times are:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:45am to 4pm.  Wednesday 9:45am to  1pm. Saturday 9:45am to 3pm. 


 Rothbury shop always has plenty of good quality goods for two and four legs.

Rothbury shop opening times are:   Monday to Saturday 9:45am to 4pm


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Financial assistance checker

Veterinary financial aid

07872 041733

Email us at

The Branch may be able to provide support towards Veterinary costs to those on low incomes. Please contact the Branch for further information.