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The kitten fosterer

From bottle feeding kittens to looking after the most ‘unrehomeable’ cats, Joanne Yoli has been helping animals in need for the best part of 20 years.

Our foster carers make an incredible difference to the rescued animals who come into our centres. From helping the most vulnerable of them to feel more secure in a family setting, to nursing orphaned newborns with round-the-clock attention.

Joanne Yoli is one such foster carer. Over the last six years she has fostered an incredible 400 kittens for our Cheshire (Altrincham) Branch.

A lifelong love of animals

Joanne started volunteering at her local rescue centre in Manchester when she was just 15 years old, and her passion for animals just continued to grow from there. Now she runs her own business as a pet sitter and dog walker, and works as a rehoming co-ordinator for small furries at our Cheshire (Altrincham) Branch.

And she does all of this alongside volunteering for us as a kitten fosterer!

Joanne says that it’d be impossible to fit caring for the kittens in if she worked a regular nine to five, so it’s lucky she has a job that she can fit around her foster animals.

Watching kittens fight to survive, and win!

One of the kittens being bottle fed

Fostering orphaned kittens can mean sleepless nights and a rollercoaster ride of emotions when one of them is struggling to survive. But Joanne tells us that it’s all worth it when she sees another kitten land on their paws in a purrfect new home.

This summer she took care of Maggie, Chester and Jet. The three kittens  were found dumped in a plastic bag at an airport on the hottest May day in 176 years. They were very lucky to survive.

She also took in Misty and Milly. Misty was found in a bin, just hours old and with her umbilical cord still attached. And Milly had been orphaned when her mum become so poorly that she’d had to be put to sleep.

Joanne tells us how, from hours old to weeks old, she’s watched these kittens fight to survive, and win!

Help us continue our vital work for the rest of the year

Help us continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome even more animals who are in desperate need of care.

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