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Bella's roadside rescue

Bella, just after she was rescued

Bella the puppy was spotted running alongside a dark road. She was alone, bleeding and clearly distressed.

On the night after boxing day, three member of the public were making their way home when they spotted a frightened puppy running alongside their taxi. It was late, and the little dog looked out of place on the dark road.

Distressed and bleeding

The group asked their taxi to pull-up nearby, and managed to gently coax the puppy over to them. She was clearly distressed, and they realised that she was bleeding from her behind.

It was clear that she needed help as soon as possible, so they called us.

While they were waiting for our inspector to arrive, they knocked on the door of a nearby house to ask for help. The homeowner took them in, and got out towels and blankets to keep Bella as warm and comfortable as possible until we got there.

Without the incredible kindness of these people, who knows what might have happened to Bella, who was sick and alone on the dark road. As RSPCA Inspector Alison Fletcher, who collected her, said, “they all went above and beyond to help this little dog, and no doubt saved her life.”

Urgent treatment

When Inspector Fletcher picked Bella up, the puppy was frightened and whimpering in pain – but the simple attention as she was carried out to the car soothed her. It’s likely that little Bella hadn’t experienced much kindness in her life before, but she still found people comforting.

Inspector Fletcher rushed the little dog straight to RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital. It turned out that Bella – who was only around three or four months old at the time – was suffering from a prolapse. It’s an incredibly painful condition which, without quick veterinary attention, can be fatal. She had to undergo immediate surgery.

Love at last

Bella, fully recovered

Happily, Bella recovered well from her operation. She also managed to steal the hearts of everyone at the animal hospital! She was patient and gentle through her treatment, clearly craving the kindness that she’d missed out on for so long.

After lots of specialist care, Bella’s now in a loving new home with a forever family. When they met her, they were as charmed as Inspector Fletcher and the hospital staff were when she first arrived in our care – peering out from a blanket with her soft, trusting eyes.

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