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Jack Frost taken in from the cold

Jack just after he was found

Just days before Christmas, Jack was found dumped in a Doncaster alleyway, suffering from a nasty skin condition.

Jack was found abandoned and alone six days before Christmas. A local man spotted him lying on a blue blanket down a litter-strewn alleyway. He took the trembling puppy back to his home to warm up, and called us to come and collect him.

The little lurcher-collie cross was just 12 weeks old and all alone.

Coming in from the cold

When RSPCA Inspector Tamsin Drysdale arrived to collect Jack, he was still shivering with cold. She wrapped him in a blanket and took him into her van, turning the heating on and holding him on her knee to try and warm him up.

She says that after a short while in the warm, he began to relax and gave her hand a faint lick. Jack probably hadn’t experienced much kindness in his short life – but after being taken in from the cold, he was already reaching out for affection.

Helping Jack heal

As well as being very cold, little Jack was also suffering from demodectic mange. The condition would have been making him very uncomfortable, leaving his skin sore, dry and flakey.

He had cuts and sores in the places where he’d scratched to relieve himself. It was so severe that clumps of his hair had fallen out, leaving him with bald patches.

Inspector Drysdale could see straight away that he was going to need veterinary treatment. She took him to our Doncaster, Rotherham and District Branch animal centre, where he was quickly seen by a vet.

Warming hearts

Jack, in his happy new home

It took Jack a while to get well again, as his condition needed a long period of treatment to properly heal. But during this time, Jack – who was also known as ‘Jack Frost’ because of the weather that he’d been found in – became a real hit at the animal centre.

Everyone who met him fell a little bit in love!

Once Jack’s skin cleared up, it didn’t take long to find him a loving new forever home. As you can see from his photo, Jack – now called ‘Noel’ – is flourishing in his new family, finally receiving the love and kindness that he had always deserved.

Give some kindness this Christmas

This festive period, many more animals just like Jack will be arriving, recovering, and waiting for new homes in our centres. And we want to help them with the same kindness that brought Jack in from the cold.

Help care for a rescued animal this Christmas by buying their meals over the three main days of the holidays. Your kindness can make such a difference.

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