Richard Ryder

Richard Ryder profile pic © RSPCA

Richard has a long career at the forefront of the science of animal welfare. He has an MA and a PhD from the University of Cambridge, in Political and Social Sciences, studying the Science of Animal Behaviour and Ethology. 

Richard worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist for the NHS and an Experimental and Social Psychologist for the Health Advisory Council. He taught Animal Welfare and Ethics as Mellon Professor at Tullane University, USA and lectured in the subject across the globe.

In 1969, Richard began campaigning for the protection of animals and he has played a significant role in the introduction of many EU and UK laws. A seasoned radio and television broadcaster, Richard has also written extensively on animal welfare and ethics and has published 11 books on a range of subjects. He coined the term ‘speciesism’, which is now part of the dictionary.

Richard joined the RSPCA in 1971 and has twice been Chair of the RSPCA Council, and served on many committees as a trustee.

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