Daphne Harris

Daphne Harris profile pic © RSPCA

Daphne joined the RSPCA in 1972 and is one of just a handful of people to receive the Society’s prestigious Queen Victoria Gold Award for more than 40 years of volunteering. 

Daphne has dedicated her working life to frontline animal rescue and rehabilitation with a specialism in the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and abused cats and kittens. She has been heavily involved with the Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone Branch of the RSPCA for more than four decades, experienced in the handling, care and rehoming of animals. She is Chair of the branch, responsible for the management and development of its operations in the area.

For the past 25 years, Daphne has been a council member of the RSPCA and is now Chair for the sixth time, as well as regional representative for South East England. As Chair of the RSPCA's Regional Board for South East England, Daphne is responsible to the Council for 18 RSPCA Branches, which deliver high quality, cost-effective care to abused and neglected animals, rescued by the RSPCA's uniformed Inspectorate.

Daphne has also found a place in her family for numerous animals, currently an elderly cat, dog and 2 horses.

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