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350k signatures handed to Tesco demanding change for chickens 
Urgent action needed as Tesco spends more than £370 million on intensively reared chicken meat each year, causing suffering to potentially millions of birds.
Appleby improves as animal welfare issues are lowest in nine years
131 people were given advice during the five-day event, down from 198 last year and the lowest figure since 2010. The number of warnings was also down to 5, from last year's 14.
Government issues four month pet passport warning
We're urging pet owners to act now if they want to avoid being turned back at the border when travelling to the EU later this year with their cat or dog.
Compassionate Class competition winners announced!
Find out who won this years competition.
Urgent appeal after severely abused cat found in Woking
The cat, who has been named Minnie, had wounds all over her body and signs of sexual abuse.
Highlighting UK's most misunderstood pet
On Rabbit Awareness Week we're highlighting the plight of the UK's third most popular (and widely misunderstood) pet - the rabbit.
Woman allowed animals to suffer after she moved out and left them
A woman who admitted allowing cats and dogs to suffer at her home in Colne, Lancashire has been disqualified from keeping animals for five years.
Between a rock and a hard place
A tiny, four-week-old kitten was saved from a state of desperation after becoming trapped amid very large rock boulders on the breakwater on Towyn beach.
We rescue fox in a "hole" lot of trouble!
We've rescued a fox trapped so far down a hole only his head could be seen poking out.
We received 15,000+ calls about exotic animals in 2018 alone
Today we're releasing our annual statistics, which reveal the plights of our unusual animals.

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