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The Dog Rescuers: Stripey

Stripey is a shy but sweet staffi cross who is nearly three years old. Despite his introvert nature he absolutely loves to be around people. Stripey arrived in our care at the beginning of the year, as his owner found him too active for her lifestyle.

Stripey’s skills and training needs


This pup adores toys, particularly plastic ones that squeak. Bring him one of these and he’ll be your best friend in no time!

Stripey is a good traveller and can do a few clever tricks when motivated with a tasty treat!

Interactive training such as puzzle games would be the best way to build Stripey’s confidence and help him become the best dog he can be...

In the words of Kirsty Long, Behaviour Assessor:

Playtime is Stripey’s favourite past time, he adores toys of ANY type! If you ask ‘Where’s your ball?’ he will run to find you one. Although he loves soft toys... they tend not to last that long. Stripey also enjoys cuddles, climbing on your lap and giving kisses!

Stripey had not been socialised with other dogs for some time in his previous home, as he was attacked when he was a puppy and it dented his confidence. Therefore, Stripey is under socialised when it comes to meeting other dogs, and he shows his nerves with tense greetings. Some dog may find this uncomfortable so we would recommend not mixing him when out on walks, instead sticking to quiet routes or spending time in a secure off-lead area, where he’ll be most comfortable.

Stripey loves to explore new places when out and about; he can be a little strong but does settle after the initial excitement!

Kirsty added: 

He is a very clever boy with a keen brain who is very motivated by food – he would definitely enjoying learning new things!

Stripey’s perfect home


Although Stripey can be nervous at first when it comes to meeting new people, he does form bonds quickly when things are taken at his pace. In his new forever home, we feel Stripey is best suited to live with teenagers as opposed to young children, at the moment. Stripey would love his new owner to be at home a lot, spending lots time with him.

If you’re looking for a lasting friendship, we know Stripey will be a fantastic and loving companion. If you think he might steal your heart like he has ours...

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