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Perfect Patterdale Jack

Eleven-year-old Patterdale terrier Jack has been at Block Fen Animal Centre in Wimblington, Cambridgeshire, for over six months now.

Loveable Jack makes staff at Block Fen laugh every day with his lively, cheeky antics. But he’s still waiting to bring joy into a new families life.

The energy of a four year old

Jack’s not a dog who acts his age! This eleven year old can still tear around the garden after a tennis ball.

He loves to play, and it’s generally agreed that he’d play fetch all day if someone kept throwing the tennis ball for him. And he loves walkies, he'd quite possibly go on walks all day too if he had the chance.

As well as zipping around for a game of fetch, Jack loves to show off his characteristic trick, spinning in little circles on command.

Jack’s dream home

Jack the Patterdale terrier

The perfect home for Jack would be somewhere a bit more rural, where he wouldn’t have to worry about bumping into too many other dogs out on his walks.

Little Jack isn’t just a ball game wizard, he loves his home comforts too. So his new family would have to be prepared to give him plenty of snuggles, and a spot on the sofa (or a nice warm rug by the fire). And you’d also have to be ready to receive all of his affection back too!

Jack would need to be the only pet in the home, and he’s a bit worried by children too – so we’re hoping to find a family who can make him the centre of their attention. He’d make a perfect companion for an active retired person, or couple.

Could you be Jack’s new family?

If you’re looking for a new doggy pal who’ll make you laugh, keep you active, and give you his whole heart  in return for your affection – then Jack’s your lad.

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