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Dog Rescuers: Gerry

Gerry arrived at our Burton branch just before Christmas 2017. Gerry was brought in after being found left outside in a garden by himself all day and with skin and ear problems.


When Gerry was first brought in he was very anxious and didn’t understand how to play and felt very confused by it all. Now, Gerry’s a different dog altogether who loves playing with all the staff.

From scared and upset to playful and friendly, Gerry loves nothing more than a squeaky toy! Gerry is happiest zooming around our off-lead area with a squeaky toy in his mouth!

Gerry’s skills and training needs

Gerry does have to wear a harness on walks as he doesn’t know his own strength and gets super excited by all of the sights and smells around him. With the proper training though, we believe Gerry would definitely be able to learn how to have more manners on the lead. Gerry’s dream owners would have the time and effort to put into the training he needs! With a good routine and lots of walking, we know Gerry would go from strength to strength.

Gerry’s dream home


If Gerry’s feeling scared, nervous, excited or even just happy then he likes to make sure everyone knows it! Therefore, Gerry can sometimes bark a lot. However, we believe that if Gerry was in a loving home surrounded by lots of love and attention, Gerry would likely not feel the need to be quite as loud!

As a puppy, sadly Gerry never received all the important socialisation required to learn how to behave around other dogs. This means that he can become a little over excited around other dogs. Gerry’s new owners would have to help him with this over time and have a lot of patience! 

As Gerry can sometimes get over excited around cats, we feel that he would probably be a bit too much for most, so ideally Gerry’s dream home would be cat-free.

Gerry’s ideal home would be with confident owners who can teach him how to live in a house. They will have bags of patience and an unlimited supply of squeaky toys! When Gerry first meets someone new, he can initially feel a bit worried, but if they’re slow and patient with him, he’ll be their best friend in no time at all.  Gerry’s an affectionate and loyal boy once he’s formed a bond with someone!

Gerry’s special dietary needs

As Gerry has been finding kennel life stressful, he has been suffering from a sensitive tummy. Therefore, Gerry has to have special food, however as long as he sticks to the right diet (and only certain treats) Gerry is absolutely fine.

If you feel you could offer Gerry his forever home:

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