Rambo the ram rescued after rampage in Sutton Coldfield


A ram on the loose on the streets of Sutton Coldfield was safely captured on Friday, 25 January, after a joint operation involving us, West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council.

Rambo the ram © RSPCA

When the stray animal was spotted in the residential area of Four Oaks on Friday morning, local police contacted us for help.

Our Animal Collection Officer, Cara Gibbon, said:

'This was a ram with impressive horns and I knew that capturing this woolly escapee safely would need more than one pair of hands.

Storming through suburbia

I was joined by a Dog Warden from Birmingham City Council and several members of the West Midlands Police. "Rambo" the ram proved to be quite an elusive chap and literally led us round the houses and down the very busy Rosemary Hill Road. 

Finally, he took off down a quieter road, tracked down the side of a house and into its back garden, where we managed to corner him. We were keen to minimise the poor animal's stress, so once we were confident his escape routes were blocked off, we gave him some time to calm down. He had a little rest under some trees in the garden, and we then secured him safely and led him to the Birmingham City Council van.

He has now been scanned and we were pleased to discover he was microchipped and can be identified. So we're hoping that his owner will be able to take him home soon. In the meantime, he's being cared for at the Donkey Sanctuary at Sutton Park.

My thanks go to the West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council for all their help with this rescue.

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