Fox lucky to survive after impaling leg on metal fence


A fox was lucky to survive after his leg was impaled on a metal fence railing and was left dangling.

The poor fox got into difficulty when trying to jump over the fence in the garden of a house in Tile Hill Lane, Coventry, on Sunday 14 January.

He was discovered by the homeowner who alerted us and our Animal Welfare Officer Adam McConkey was dispatched to the scene.

He managed to free the fox by using a grasping pole and said the animal was extremely lucky to be alive because the metal post had missed vital arteries by millimetres.

He appeared to be in good condition

Adam said:

The homeowner came across the fox when she let her dog out on the garden at 8.30am.

We have no idea of knowing how long he'd been in this position but as foxes are nocturnal it could have been potentially all night.

When I arrived I could see that the wound was not pouring with blood and thought this was a good sign but had a tourniquet ready in case I needed it.

Using a grasping pole I was able to lift the fox from the post and safely into a crate, but it wasn't easy as he weighed about 7kg.

As soon as he was in the box he was running around which was a good sign. He also appeared to be in very good condition and really is a handsome boy.

He'll be released back into the wild soon

The fox was taken to Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, near Evesham, where he's said to be doing well.

A centre spokeswoman said he's being treated with antibiotics, the wound is clean and he can use the injured leg. He was also found to have a gun pellet embedded in his body from a previous attack.

Once he's been rehabilitated he'll be released back into the wild.

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