Our statement on Defra's ivory consultation response


Our response to the government’s announcement for a comprehensive ban on the sale of ivory.

African elephant roaming

Our deputy chief executive, Chris Wainwright, said: 

"The government’s announcement for a comprehensive ban on the sale of ivory is fantastic news. Ending the UK domestic ivory trade – bar some small exemptions – is long overdue and we warmly welcome this move to support African Governments working hard to end elephant poaching and ivory trafficking. The huge public response to the consultation, one of the largest ever, clearly shows that the public wants the UK to play its full part in ending the ivory trade and save elephants from brutal, unnecessary deaths.

Ensure this ban becomes law without delay

"Our work in this area continues overseas as around 30,000 elephants are still brutally killed by poachers every year in the name of this awful trade. This is why we're also working to help improve enforcement of wildlife laws in Malawi, a country that has been particularly hard hit by ivory poachers.

"There, we’ve supported the government and other partners to inventory every piece of stockpiled ivory, trained Malawi police in wildlife crime investigation techniques, worked with the country’s prosecutors and judiciary to ensure that the new National Parks and Wildlife Act can be enforced and ensured that customs staff are well trained in identifying wildlife products such as ivory and rhino horn.

"We now urge the government to ensure that this ban becomes law without delay."

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