Miniature Yorkie gets head stuck in TV cabinet


A surprising situation

Little Yorkie called Ringo Starr with his head caught in TV cabinet hole © RSPCA

The owner of miniature Yorkshire Terrier puppy ‘Ringo Starr’ woke on Tuesday morning to the sound of cries from her beloved pooch. When she rushed downstairs she found the poor pup stuck fast in the wooden television cabinet.

Eight-week-old Ringo Starr’s tiny head was poking through a hole in the unit and was completely stuck, leaving his owner, Verity O’Neill from Birkenhead, extremely worried.

Verity and a friend attempted to free Ringo Starr themselves but were very concerned about his delicate body so knew they’d need 'Help!' They phoned our emergency line and it was Inspector Anthony Joynes who arrived swiftly to free the stricken pup.

A tight squeeze

Anthony said:

'A day in the life of an RSPCA Inspector can be very varied, and I’ve certainly freed quite a few animals from tight squeezes like this before.

Ringo Starr was found in the morning but it’s possible he could have become stuck for some time before, it could well have been 'A Hard Day’s Night' for him, until he started crying for help.

Sometimes animals are capable of freeing themselves if you 'Let It Be', but it was clear straight away that Ringo was going to need some help.

Poor Ringo Starr was very uncomfortable and panicked, but the hole was fairly tight and I wasn’t able to free him at first, so with his owner’s permission we quickly grabbed some vegetable oil from the kitchen to gently rub around his neck to help loosen him, and with some very careful manoeuvring, Ringo’s head slid out of the cabinet and he was free.

Vet check-up to give the all clear 

Anthony Joynes with tiny Yorkie Ringo after freed from tv cabinet hole © RSPCA

Anthony added: "I was a little concerned that Ringo Starr might be a bit sore from the ordeal and he was certainly quite stressed, so I popped him to a local vets for a check-up, where he was also given a bath to wash off the vegetable oil.

"I then took him back home to Verity who was absolutely delighted and couldn’t thank me enough.

"I’m really glad I was able to help this little chap quickly and he was very pleased to be back at home with his owner." 

Your dog may do something you don't expect

Ringo’s owner, Verity, said:

I was so worried about Ringo so I phoned the RSPCA as I just felt helpless. Anthony arrived really quickly to help and before we knew it he’d freed little Ringo from the hole.

After getting the all-clear from the vet he came back home to us that afternoon and after a big lunch, he fell fast asleep.

I never thought he’d go poking his head in the hole in the TV cabinet, it was such a surprise, but of course we’ve now made sure the hole is blocked up.

Rescues big or small we need your help

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