Close call for cat after falling in river


Cat rescued by boat after falling in river © RSPCA

A recent rescue shows the importance of microchipping your pet after a cat was rescued from a river, five miles from her home. 

One-year-old Cookie went missing from her home for five days after being let out for the very first time. She was seen falling from Town Bridge into the River Great Ouse in Bedford, by a shocked member of the public on Saturday afternoon.

Rescue from the river

After we received a desperate call from the passerby, our Inspector Carrie O'Riordan arrived with a fire and rescue team, who rescued the soggy moggy from the river by boat.

Carrie said:

Cat rescued from river after falling in © RSPCA

"It was terrifying to see her so close to the fast flowing water hanging on for her life.

"As you can see from the pictures taken from the bank on the river, it’s very difficult to even see Cookie perched on the bottom of the bridge.

"A passerby had spotted her walking along the bridge and wondered what she was doing there. When they bent down to stoke her she must have panicked and sadly fell into the water.

"She was dragged along by the current for a moment or two before she was able to scramble up onto the bottom section of the bridge but was then well and truly stuck.

"The water rescue team from Bedford Fire and Rescue Service were absolutely amazing. They were able to bring out a boat and rescue Cookie from where she’d fallen beneath the bridge."

The lucky cat has now been reunited with her owner – who lived five miles from the spot where she was rescued!

How microchipping helps pets

We hope Cookie’s miraculous river rescue helps to show people that getting their cats microchipped gives their lost pets the best chance of returning home.

Carrie added:

Cat named Cookie after being rescued from river © RSPCA

"It was great to be able to scan Cookie’s microchip and take her back into the arms of her owner straight away. She was overjoyed to have her back and it was great to see them both so happy, especially after Cookie’s shocking ordeal. 

"We'd encourage everyone to make sure all cats are microchipped and registered with your current contact details. Remember if you've moved home or changed your phone number you'll need to update your details. 

"Microchipping your cat is the most reliable way to identify them and gives you the best chances of being reunited if they become lost.

"If you decide to put a collar and ID tag on your cat it's important to ensure the collar is correctly fitted and is a quick release type collar with a snap-safe buckle – other collars can get caught and cause nasty injuries."

If you have any concerns for an animal in distress, please contact us.

Help out more cats like Cookie

To help our inspectors rescue more cats in danger like Cookie, please donate online to support our rescue work.

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