Some of the funniest calls we received in 2017!


Hoping to share laughs this Blue Monday, we're revealing some of the entertaining calls we've received – and some are a real hoot!

When emergency calls come into our national control centre, specially-trained staff must quickly determine whether our officers are able to help or whether other advice or agencies are better placed to assist.

Our Inspectors are sent out to help as many animals as possible – but not all calls turn out to be as they first appear. In a bid to banish the blues this Blue Monday, our officers reveal some of the funniest calls they had in 2017!

Horsing around

Plastic horse on a trailer © RSPCA

Our officers were called to investigate claims a horse had been tied to the back of a trailer by its legs – only to find the filly was a fake and made of plastic!

Our hotline received a number of calls from motorists who were concerned after spotting the horse tied to the top of a flatbed trailer, being towed 100 miles from Birmingham to Cambridge on 14 February. When Inspector Richard Lythgoe attended and saw the horse was made of plastic he had a good laugh.

Cobra drama

RSPCA Inspector with plastic snake © RSPCA

RSPCA Inspector Dale Grant turned Indiana Jones for a call-out to a home in Richmond on 15 November, when a family spotted a cobra on the loose. But on closer inspection the potentially dangerous and unpredictable animal turned out to be a plastic toy!

The family had spotted the snake in their front garden, and rushed indoors to safety, calling us immediately for help.

Dale said:

When I arrived at the property I had my snake kit at the ready. As the family hadn’t been able to officially identify the snake it’s really important to approach these situations to confine the animal as safely as possible, particularly if it’s suspected that the snake may be venomous.

However, it didn’t take me too long to realise that this snake was the plastic kind, but it was a fairly realistic toy. It’s been made to look like a cobra that's rearing his head in the typical hooded display, so it could look pretty lifelike from a distance...

Get stuffed

Stuffed toy dog © RSPCA

RSPCA Inspector Lorna Campbell was concerned she’d had a harrowing discovery when she was called to Barton Moss, on the outskirts of Manchester, on 12 December. The report she received was of an improper killing.

Lorna said:

A delivery man had contacted our control centre after spotting the body of a dead dog lying in the front garden of a property. He said the dog wasn’t moving and its coat was covered in frost so I rushed to the scene hoping there may still be some life in the poor pooch.

When I arrived I quickly established that there would be no possible way to save the dog - because it was a stuffed toy!

Incey-wincey spider

Plastic spider © RSPCA

One of our inspectors rushed to a family home in Alresford, Hampshire, on 20 July after a panicked phone call from a mother who found a giant spider – the size of her hand – hiding in the understairs cupboard.

Inspector Nikki Denham arrived with gloves and nets to confine the creature and soon spotted the legs poking out from behind the vacuum cleaner. But as she shone a light on the arachnid it soon became clear that it was a plastic toy.

Nikki said.

The woman’s young son confirmed with an angelic innocent face that it was his. The poor caller was obviously embarrassed but it won't be the first or last call we’ll have like that I'm sure.

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