Blind cat and son with no ears seek a special home for Xmas


One blind cat and one cat without ears called Ross and Rachel next to Christmas presents © RSPCA

We're looking for a special home for two very special cats. Rachel and Ross are best F.R.I.E.N.D.S and hope to find a new home together so they needn’t take a break.

The duo were rescued by our animal collection officer Louis Horton on 5 September from East Grinstead, after locals raised concerns that they'd been abandoned.

Rachel – who's blind – was spotted bumping into things and was too scared to leave a nearby garden where residents had taken to feeding her and her son, Ross.

Louis said:

Residents were worried about the cats’ welfare as they feared the female was losing her sight and the male had some nasty wounds on his ears.

It’s not clear whether the cats had been dumped locally or were feral felines who were facing some health problems. They weren’t approachable so I laid some traps and was finally able to catch them both.

About the cats and their needs

Ross has a very unique look as he’s had to have both ears removed due to skin damage. He likes snoozing with his mum and enjoys a gentle fuss while Rachel loves head rubs and tasty treats. Because Rachel's blind she'll need a home that'll stay the same so she can learn her way around.

Tony Shaw, our deputy manager at South Godstone, said:

These poor cats haven’t had it easy and the mum is  approaching her senior years.

We believe Rachel is 13, if not older, and has completely lost her sight. While poor Ross, who is around five-years-old, has had to have both ears amputated.

Therefore, these two special cats require a very special home with owners who will understand their needs.

They'll need to be kept as indoor cats or ideally given outside access to the garden via a secure enclosure which will keep them safe.

Rachel and Ross would like to be the only pets in the home and would prefer an adult-only environment.

Take home a couple of new friends

For more information about them, please see Ross and Rachel's online profiles or contact South Godstone by calling 0300 123 0741 or emailing

And it's not just Ross and Rachel – we have plenty of feline friends looking for new homes on our Find A Pet page.

Kindness at Christmas

This winter, we're expecting to receive 2,000 calls a day about animals like Ross and Rachel.

Help care for a rescued animal this festive season by donating to our kindness at Christmas appeal. Your kindness can make such a difference.

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