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Banned from keeping dogs after dog found with missing leg


Jack russel at vets missing back foot © RSPCA

A Flintshire man has been banned from keeping dogs for 10 years after his Jack Russell Terrier was found with a "horrendous" leg injury.

Peter Neville Tellet from Flintshire, appeared at Mold Magistrates’ Courts and pleaded guilty for causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide adequate veterinary attention to his dog -  named Spongebob - for a problem with his leg.

RSPCA Inspector Fred Armstrong was “completely shocked” when he visited Tellet’s house and saw Spongebob with his leg missing.

He said:

It was not known what had happened to him. The injury was infected and must have been so painful for him.

I was so shocked - it's not everyday you see a dog with their leg missing in this way. He would have been in agony. We don’t know what had happened - but it was suggested that he may have have an issue with his foot and then chewed it off. That would've been horrendous.

Spongebob now has a new forever home

Spongebob was signed over to us, and following extensive treatment, has improved significantly.

Inspector Armstrong added:

Spongebob has received a lot of treatment over the past few months, and his leg was also amputated higher up due to the infection.

But we're delighted to say that he's doing really well and has now found a forever home.

Magistrates banned Tellet from keeping dogs for 10 years. He was given a 12 week community order, electronically tagged between 7pm-7am and was ordered to pay £300 costs and a £85 surcharge.

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