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Cat neutering event © RSPCA

A neutering event for cats will be taking place today (Saturday, 2 December) in Sheffield, to hopefully ease the increasing cat population there. 

Sheffield Vets4Pets at Birley Moor Park will carry out the procedures at the event organised by the Cat Smart project.

Members of the public who have booked with Cat Smart and live in the area will be able to bring their cats to the vets where they'll then be neutered for free. Owners will be required to check-in between 8am and 8.45am with the procedures carried out on male and female cats throughout the day.

Cats can become pregnant from four months old

Cat Smart is an RSPCA-funded project working with our Sheffield Branch, Cats Protection, Rain Rescue, The Sheffield Cats Shelter and PDSA, to try and reduce the numbers of unwanted cats and kittens flooding into rescue centres.

Carrie Stones, our cat population control manager, said:

The aim of the project is to raise awareness about the importance of neutering cats.

The RSPCA sees a lot of unwanted kittens and pregnant mums coming into our centres, especially over the busiest summer months. Often people may not have realised that their cat can get pregnant from quite a young age and it has come as a surprise when they suddenly have lots of kittens to look after.

Neutering cats from four months old can avoid these unplanned litters and keep your cat healthy and happy.

There will be four booking slots and the aim is to neuter more than 50 cats throughout the day.

What do people want out of the scheme?

Carrie added:

The Cat Smart team is also working closely with Sheffield University’s psychology department and requesting participants in the Cat Smart scheme to take part in a study, the aim of which is to find out if people are engaging with Cat Smart and whether information about the importance of neutering is actually impacting on people’s views and opinions.

There will also be Cat Smart staff on hand to talk to participants about the reasons behind the project, the issues charities face, the cat population explosion and how the current growth cannot be sustained.

The many benefits of neutering

Tom Williams, veterinary partner at Sheffield Vets4Pets, said:

Neutering cats prevents many diseases as well as various unwanted behaviours such as fighting, roaming and urine marking or spraying. It's also fundamental in controlling the population of abandoned and stray cats all over the UK.

The Cat Smart programme is opening the door to providing neutering and microchipping to those who could not otherwise afford it. It provides an excellent way to ensure cats can be neutered free of charge and at their owner's convenience. This will inevitably lead to more cat owners being able to follow what is the best veterinary advice, and most importantly Cat Smart will result in more cats benefiting by living longer, healthier lives.

Last month, the Cat Smart project held another neutering event which saw 20 cats spayed at Firth Park Library and have helped owners neuter 205 cats since the beginning of October.

Sign up to the event or find out more for help with neutering

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