One of the tiniest stowaways ever


We’re caring for one of the tiniest stowaways we’ve ever dealt with – a young gecko, who was found by a holidaymaker who had just returned from St Lucia.

The tiny gecko who stowed away

The holidaymaker, from London, who doesn't want to be named, said they'd returned from a break in St Lucia and started the unenviable job of washing all the holiday clothes.

But having moved a load of clothes to the washing machine, they suddenly noticed one of the tassels on their scarf starting to move.

When they looked a little closer, they discovered the tiny little gecko who they scooped up and kept safe before calling us for help.

Too small to be weighed

The tiny fella, who's so small he doesn’t even register on the weighing scales, was first taken to our Putney Animal Hospital, before later being transferred to our Reptile Rescue in Brighton.

Manager Keith Simpson said:

Given how this tiny gecko was barely more than one inch long, he could have easily been missed. Luckily he caught the attention of the holidaymaker who then managed to catch him and keep him safe.

He really has had quite an adventure given the long journey he's made, but it’s still very early days for him as he’s still very young and vulnerable. We're doing all we can to give him a fighting chance and he’s currently being fed tiny pin-head crickets.

As he's so small, he will be going to an experienced carer who'll be able to give him the specialist care he needs.

Lucky to survive

Geckos, like other reptiles, need a specific temperature gradient suitable for the species, as they are ectothermic, meaning that they rely on their environment to warm up or cool down as needed. This gecko would be very unlikely to survive UK temperatures.

We hope the gecko’s remarkable trip will remind holidaymakers to always give their cases an extra thorough check before heading home just in case they too pick up a surprising stowaway.

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