Could you treat these black cats to a new home?

Cat pod with halloween decorations


Half the cats we care for are black or black and white so we’re getting into the spirit of all things Halloween - and National Black Cat day on October 27 - to help find these moggies loving new homes.

Like vampires, ghosts, monsters, and scary film villains, the black cat is a traditional image at Halloween. In UK folklore they’re a symbol of bad luck, but despite the myths there’s nothing superstitious about black cats.

Alice Potter, our cat welfare expert, explains:

Our centres have been getting into the spirit of Halloween in an effort to encourage people to rehome black cats.

They won’t bring you good luck or bad luck, they‘re not prone to living with witches or associated with dark magic – these black cats just need a loving home. Whether named after a vampire slayer, the cat from Sabrina the teenage witch, or some other Halloween themed name, these cats have all had a tough time recently and need to find their forever homes.

Magic and Trick

Magic the black cat

Staff at our Leybourne Animal Centre decorated the cattery in a spectacular spooky theme for two of their black cats, Trick and Magic. The one-year-olds were brought into Harmsworth Animal Hospital in August as they were part of a colony of cats who had been left to fend for themselves, and they weren’t doing very well.

Trick had to have his leg amputated due to a severe leg injury, though it's not known how he suffered the injury. Having three legs hasn’t stopped him living his life to the full, playing chase with his friend Magic, pretending to hunt down ghouls and monsters and enjoying a spot of catnip.

Trick and Magic are both quite timid and need a quiet environment where they can settle, gain their confidence and learn to trust people again. They'd need to be the only animals in the home. They could live with families, but preferably with children aged 10 or over who understand that the pair may need their space.

Magic and Trick are hoping for a purrfect home together this Halloween. If you'd like to adopt these rescue cats call our Leybourne Animal Centre on 0300 123 0751.

Buffy and Alfie

Buffy the black cat

We currently have 418 black and black and white cats across our centres, which is 50 percent of all cats at our national centres. This means there are plenty of these not-so-spooky felines looking for their forever homes.

Just like Alfie and Buffy at our Southall Cattery in London. Eight-year-old Alfie is an elegant, fluffy black cat. He can be timid but often his inquisitiveness will override his shyness around new people.

He loves affection but only in short bursts so would be best suited to a family with older children who can understand his needs. He also has a flea allergy so will need treatment once a month. Although Alfie appears big and bold he's actually quite sensitive and craves love and affection.

Buffy is a five-year-old cheeky cat with a playful spirit. He might not be much of a vampire slayer, but he loves being groomed and has an affectionate nature. He'd suit an adult home with experienced cat owners who can give him the attention he needs, when he wants it.

Thinking of rehoming a cat?

Foxy in Bridlington, Rita in Poulton-le-Flyde, Jan in Dorchester, Salem in Birmingham, and Jasper in Milton Keynes, are just some of the 418 black cats looking for their forever homes. You can use our find a pet page to search for cats of all colours near you.

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