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One in six dog owners sing to their pet while on a walk


Our survey has revealed that 75 percent of dog owners chat with their pet while out walking – and one in six sing to them.

Peter Andre with a spaniel cross in a field © RSPCA

Just over 90 percent of pet owners we polled didn’t like to walk in silence while exercising their pooch. While 75 percent like to talk, 16 percent go one step further and serenade their dog.

The survey also showed that:

  • 9 percent of dog-owners only talk to their pooch to say “come on!”
  • 1 percent don’t talk at all
  • 33 percent of dog-owners take photos of their dog on every walk
  • 11 percent put the photos on social media.

The survey about the public’s dog-walking habits was compiled by us to mark the launch of our My Big Walkies challenge which will take place throughout October.

Animal-lovers who sign up to My Big Walkies will pledge to take 10,000 steps a day throughout the month, with or without their dogs, while being sponsored to do so. Singing to your dog at the same time is optional!

Money raised will go towards helping us rescue animals from cruelty.

It's a fantastic opportunity to get out and about with your dog

Dog-loving singer Peter Andre has joined forces with us, to encourage people to sign up for My Big Walkies. He said:

It's important to remember how much happiness dogs bring to our lives. Sadly there are many dogs who are ill-treated every day, and the RSPCA works incredibly hard to combat animal cruelty.

I encourage dog-owners to sign up for My Big Walkies. Taking part will help raise money which will enable the RSPCA to carry out this vital work.

It's also a fantastic opportunity to get out and about with your dog, while helping less fortunate dogs at the same time. It’ll be fun, great for your health and fitness, great for your dog and all for a fantastic cause - the RSPCA.

Help to form a strong bond

Dr Samantha Gaines, our dog welfare expert, said:

One of the best things about walking your dog is the opportunity it offers to form a strong bond. There's something very therapeutic about walking your dog and watching them enjoying being a dog. Having a conversation with or singing to your dog, shows how relaxing an experience it can be, and how many of us consider dogs to be our family and friends.

There are also the added benefits of improving your own happiness and fitness levels, and keeping your dog active and their minds stimulated.

My Big Walkies is a big challenge – 10,000 steps is about five miles a day – so some dogs will relish the chance to get out for some extra long walks. However those with less active dogs, due to age or health for example, have got the perfect excuse to do fewer steps, or leave them at home and enjoy a solo stroll.

Find out more and sign up for My Big Walkies

We can't do it without you

Those who are unable to take part in My Big Walkies but want to support the RSPCA can donate online or  text LOVE to 87023 to give £3

(Text costs £3 + one standard network rate message. Text to donate terms and conditions).

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