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Home adapted for special needs cats


Two white deaf cats perched on ledges in their purpose built run © RSPCA

Two deaf cats, who we previosuly rescued, have now truly landed on their feet - moving into their very own purpose built home. 

Eight-month-old Patricia arrived at our Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham, Surrey, earlier this year as a kitten. Staff quickly realised she had a number of health complications.

The pure white puss was deaf, had a problem with her balance, and a hole in her soft palate.

Millbrook manager Sue Walters said:

When Patricia came to us, she needed surgery to repair the hole in her mouth. Despite all her troubles and complications, she’s always been a happy and enthusiastic cat.

Patricia, now called Tricky, has been rehomed with another of our rescue cats called Turbo, who is also pure white and deaf.

Tricky and Turbo now live with Laura and Nigel in Winchester. There the couple have created a special run for the cats, to keep them safe when they’re enjoying the sunshine outside.

Couldn't be happier with their adopted cats

Laura said:

Initially I didn’t want a cat, but Nigel really wanted one. After looking after his dad’s cat I came around to the idea.

We decided to get an indoor cat and soon found Turbo in October 2016. I fell instantly in love with him and the feeling was mutual!

After a few months we noticed Turbo was making friends with cats on the other side of his enclosure. We decided to look at getting him a companion and spotted Tricky on the website.

We were a little concerned about Tricky's medical problems but on talking to Millbrook - who were fantastic and very helpful - we met her and fell in love once again!

Making a cat-friendly home

Tricky came home to Winchester, Hampshire, in July. The duo get on brilliantly, and love exploring the house and basking in the sun on the deck.

Laura added:

We built the run in June and it covers the back of the house. Both Turbo and Tricky love it.

Tricky likes to curl up on my lap, and Turbo likes to sit in front of me. And if you give them half a chance, both will sleep right in the middle of the bed!

This beautiful duo are purr-fect examples of how deaf cats can live happy lives.

Laura added:

I hope that this gives people a push into adopting cats with disabilities, as I certainly don’t consider my two disabled.

In fact, I have trouble keeping up with them at times, especially Tricky!

Deaf cats are no different

Our cat welfare expert, Alice Potter said:

Deaf cats can still really enjoy lots of things in life, and deafness needn’t affect them too much day-to-day.

They rely more on their other senses, but it is important for owners of deaf cats to remember that they can’t hear danger - such as cars - and need to be kept safe.

However, deaf cats can still enjoy snoozing in the sun, and fresh air just as much as any other cat, and should ideally have access to a safe and secure outside area.

Laura and Nigel have created a wonderful, safe outside space for Turbo and Tricky to enjoy - they're two very lucky cats!

Adopt a cat

Laura and Nigel found their perfect companions with our find a pet, could you offer a loving home to one of our cats too?

Help support our work

We can only continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals like Turbo and Tricky, please donate what you can online or text LOVE to 87023 to give £3

(Text costs £3 + one standard network rate message. Text to donate terms and conditions).

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