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Game of cats


Four little ‘lions’ in our care have been named after the Lannister family from the hit TV and book franchise Game of Thrones. 

Tyrion the little cat looking serious with his paw poised forward © RSPCA

The kittens are large ginger kitten Jamie, Cersei the female tortoiseshell, Tywin the black kitten and Tyrion the very small ginger kitten.

As this week marks the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, the little Lannisters in our care are hoping they'll be able to steal your throne and your heart.

They came from a multi-cat household in St Helens in Merseyside on August 3 when their owner could no longer care for them, and were taken to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

At just eight weeks old they were brought into the branch on August 21.

Our Macclesfield branch decided to name them after the infamous family in Game of Thrones because of tiny kitten Tyrion who was born much smaller than his littermates.

Tyrion is easily half the size of the others in the litter

Maaria Cooper, our cat rehoming co-ordinator at the branch said:

I thought he was a dwarf cat as he was so much smaller than the others and has such a lovely, distinctive face. However, the vet checked him over and said he was healthy but probably just the runt of the litter.

He doesn’t seem to let his size have any effect on him as he’s just as playful as any kitten would be.

We're hoping that with lots of care he will grow bigger and stronger soon enough.

Tyrion isn't ready for rehoming yet as he needs extra care to get him to a healthy size and weight but Jaime, Cersei and Tywin are now looking for their forever homes.

Maaria added:

They're very sociable and friendly and unlike their namesakes in Game of Thrones they certainly won’t be plotting your demise or creating enemies like the characters do on TV.

They would suit all types of homes and could live with other cats.

The've been health checked, FIV tested, treated for worms and fleas and started their vaccinations. They’ve also been microchipped and neutered, apart from Tyrion as he's not big enough yet.

Interesting GOT facts:

  • The House of Lannister is represented by a golden lion.
  • Their motto is ‘Hear me Roar’ and a ‘Lannister always pays his debts.’
  • The actor who plays Tyrion, Peter Dinklage, is also a well known animal welfare campaigner.

Want to take a GOT cat home?

If you'd be interested in giving a loving home to one or a pair of these kittens, contact our cat rehoming co-ordinator at Macclesfield by emailing felines@rspca-macclesfield.org.uk or call 01625 669620.

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