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Hoppy Easter! We celebrate rabbits


From the Easter Bunny to Roger Rabbit, rabbits are a firm favourite with families nationwide.

Bunnies Biscuit and Waffle enjoying some food © RSPCA

In fact, bouncing bunnies are often a first pet for children. But they, like any other pet, are a big commitment. And, unfortunately, many aren't receiving the care they need...

In 2016, we received 4,970 calls about rabbits and investigated 3,936 complaints regarding rabbit welfare - in connection with a total of 14,787 bunnies. We rescued 3,024 rabbits - including 858 who had been abandoned - and went on to find thousands of those new homes.

Dr Jane Tyson, our rabbit welfare expert, explains:

Rabbits can be wonderfully rewarding pets and brilliant additions to a home. But, unfortunately, a lot of rabbits get a very poor deal.

Rabbits won’t thrive if left out in a hutch at the bottom of the garden with no human interaction.

They are very inquisitive, intelligent animals, all with their own personalities and they can be a joy to look after.

But they are also a responsibility and a commitment, and  prospective owners need to ensure they can provide a number of things before committing to getting bunnies...

Providing a happy home

Rabbits need a large, secure enclosure with shelter from the elements, places to hide, things to investigate and toys to play with, and they love to forage for food. They need constant access to hay and fresh water, as well as companionship. Unless advised otherwise by a vet or qualified animal behaviourist, rabbits should be kept with at least one other friendly rabbit

Easter bunnies Mindy and Monk © RSPCA

Dr Tyson added:

“If rabbits are happy and healthy, they can make excellent pets - and can even be trained”

They can be litter-trained, clicker-trained, and even taught to come when they’re called.” 

We discourage people from buying rabbits on impulse at anytime of the year and especially at Easter. However, the holidays can be an ideal time to find out more about caring for rabbits and to consider whether you could offer a rescued bunny a home. We would encourage anyone thinking about getting rabbits to visit one of our rescue centres to find out more. We can help advise you on how best to keep them healthy and happy and if you are able to make the commitment we can help find you your perfect match. 

Rabbits Biscuit and Waffle and Mindy and Mork, pictured in this article, are looking for happy homes however please note that due to popularity we cannot guarantee availability. Also take a look at all the other rabbits seeking a happy home and if you're considering introducing a rabbit to your family check out our information and advice on rabbit care.

Help support our work

To help us continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please donate what you can online or text LOVE to 87023 to give £3

(Text costs £3 + one standard network rate message. Text to donate terms and conditions).

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