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Voting opens for 'Paw-fect' pet photos in People's Choice


Prehistoric Feed by Steph Toogood

A tortoise about to munch on some lunch, spaniels playing at the seaside and a kitten paw-ing at dust are just some of the images that are in the running for our People's Choice award this year.

The special category features photographs from our prestigious RSPCA Young Photographer Awards and all the entrants are 18 years old and under.

Now animal lovers are being given the chance to vote for their favourite snap of a pet in our People’s Choice Award, which launches today.

Now it's the public's turn to pick their winner

An official judging panel - made up of wildlife expert and RSPCA vice president Chris Packham and several industry professionals - selected their overall winners ready for a ceremony to celebrate the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards that was held in December last year.

Sansa the kitten by Kharis Dickenson

Now it’s the public’s turn to pick their ‘Pet Personalities’ winner in a special online poll.

Voters have two weeks to choose their favourite pet photograph from today.

The images include a kitten stretching; snoozing Labrador puppies; and a guinea pig hiding out in a tunnel made of sticks.

The category was created to encourage young photographers to capture their pet’s personality in one image. It may be the look in their eyes, a certain place they love to go, a cheeky moment when the are doing something they shouldn’t, or a typical moment from a day in their lives.

Anita Morris, who organises the awards, said:

We felt there were quite a few portraits of pets which deserve a special mention.

They may not have been able to beat the tough competition in the main contest, where there is a big emphasis on technical ability, but many of the photos showed bags of character, originality and really captured the personality of the animal. 

There are some really lovely images this year so we have put it to the public and given them the chance to pick their favourite. Online surveys are the perfect vehicle for this and with just a couple of clicks it’s nice and easy to vote too.

You have two weeks to cast your vote

Voting launches at 9am on 20 March and closes on Monday, 3 April at 4pm. The winner will receive £250 worth of vouchers from Wex Photographic to spend on camera equipment, a trophy and certificate.

The RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2017 will be open for entries on 8th May 2017. For more information please visit the Young Photographer Awards site.

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