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Hoppy Valentine's Day: Florist finds frog in bouquet!


Florists preparing bouquets for the busiest day of the year had quite a shock when they found a tiny frog nestled among the petals of a delivery of exotic flowers from Africa.

African frog found in flowers

Shocked staff at Easthams Secret Garden florists in Blackburn discovered the colourful amphibian in the afternoon of Saturday 11 February.

Manager Joanne Woods said: “We’d had a delivery of heliconias from Ivory Coast in a flat-pack box which had been shipped by air.

“I was just about to start arranging the stems for Valentine’s Day orders when I found the little frog. It was quite a surprise and is definitely a first for us!

“I carefully caught the frog in a glass vase and called the RSPCA.”

Was he hopping to find love abroad?

Inspector Nina Small went to collect the stowaway:

“The frog was very well camouflaged amongst the beautiful orange and red heliconias. It would have been great if the little amphibian had been found amongst the croakuses or lily pads!

“Thankfully, the florists spotted the stowaway and called us to help, otherwise the little orange frog could have gone unnoticed and may not have survived. A local lady might have had quite the shock when she received a surprise bouquet from her secret admirer on Valentine’s Day.

It could have brought a whole new meaning to the phrase: ‘You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince'!


Now receiving specialist care

The 3cm-long frog - thought to be a type of African reed frog - has now been taken to a reptile rescue organisation in West Yorkshire for specialist care.

Nina added: “This little frog must have been exhausted and dehydrated when he arrived. Amphibians are also very susceptible to toxic chemicals and can absorb them through their skin so it was really important to get the specialist care as soon as possible.

“It’s certainly a ribbeting tale and I’m glad it has a happy ending, and this frog will now receive the right care."

Although the 3,000-mile journey hasn’t ended with froggy love, it seems staff at the reptile rescue centre have toad-ally fallen for this little one and have kermit-ed to giving him a home for life!


If you want to help animals like our little amphibious friend find love this Valentine's Day, please head to our #LoveAnimals campaign. 

There you'll find some touching love stories along with details of how you can support our work.

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