3 ways to recycle unwanted Christmas presents (and help animals and the planet!)

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If you felt a little guilty clicking on this blog... Don't! Your unwanted gifts could make a real difference for those less fortunate (as long as you don't guilt-hoard them at the back of the wardrobe!).

We've all been there. Our Christmas gifts given in good heart aren't quite aligning with our taste, or our new year, new minimalist lifestyle goals!

Here are three ways you can rehome your unwanted Christmas presents, guilt-free...

Stop by a charity shop during your January sales shopping

Let us take your unwanted gifts off your hands (and out of your storage). If you're not happy with your gift you can bring it into your nearest RSPCA shop and perhaps it will find it's loving home elsewhere. No hunting for receipts, filling landfills or hoarding in sight!

Even if you're lucky enough to love all of your gifts, you can still help our planet and our animals by taking this year's sparkles, ornaments and baubles into your local charity shop to be resold next year!

We can't guarantee that you won't fall in love with a new item or two from our charity shops and go home with more than you bargained for, but as the saying goes, 'Adopt, don't shop!'

Find your nearest charity shop.

Make money by selling unwanted gifts on eBay

Planning an early spring clean? Unwanted items and gifts taking up space in your home can also be rehomed online. If you're more of an online shopper or spender, you can donate to charity whilst also earning money for yourself too. How? By selling your unwanted presents on eBay. It's easy and you can select a percentage of the proceeds to go to the RSPCA helping animals in need!

Simply take a photo of your item(s) and write a description to start the listing. Next, look for 'make a donation' on the listing options and search for 'the RSPCA.' You can then donate between 10%-100% of the profits to the animals who need it most. When your listing sells, eBay credits back a proportion of your seller fee. For example, donate 20% and your eBay listing fee will be waived by 20%. 

Find out more and get selling today.

Hold a raffle

You're not alone - there will always be others who also want to rehome a Christmas gift or two! Plus, in January, many are thinking about cleaning out their home and getting to work on an early spring clean. A clothes swap party, or a raffle fundraising event can be the perfect way to declutter and have fun! Why not see if you can host a raffle at work as a fundraiser?

Find out more about fundraising.

Happy present rehoming!

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