How we get animals in our care ready for their fur-ever home

Pheonix the miracle kitten finds a home



Little Phoenix was found in the ashes of a garden fire when she was just six weeks old... One year later and Phoenix has well and truly risen from the ashes and has found her fur-ever home with our Felledge Animal Centre's reception supervisor, Luka.

From rescue to rehoming

While sometimes rehabilitation can mean a heavy dose of rest and recuperation, along with any necessary veterinary treatment - it can also mean something a bit more involved, much like in the case of Phoenix! 

From report to rescue

When an animal in need is reported to us, our inspectors always do their very best to ensure the safety of that animal, whether that's giving advice to the owner or rescuing them and bringing them into the care of one of our animal centres.

Basic care is our first priority

Once in our care, it's our responsibility to ensure that they are properly cared for by providing the basics such as ensuring they're well fed, are safe and warm, and given the appropriate medical treatment.

Specialist care follows

We rescue victims of neglect and cruelty so it can take weeks or months for these animals to be prepared for their new life. While time spent cuddling cats doesn't sound like hard work, it can make a world of difference for a cat who is afraid of people. Similarly, teaching a quiet and withdrawn dog to play can help them find a family sooner!

Rehabilitation and rehoming!

Once we believe an animal's ready, we will arrange for a home visitor to speak with potential adopters to ensure a successful rehoming!

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