All I want for Christmas... is a puppy!

Thinking of getting a puppy for Christmas?

Make sure the puppy you’re buying is healthy and happy, and that you're not supporting the unscrupulous puppy trade, with our top tips for buying a puppy

Spotting a good dog breeder

Every year thousands of puppies bred on puppy farms are sold to unsuspecting owners. Don’t get caught out. Watch our video and learn to spot a bad breeder. 

Did you know?

In December 2017, the inspectorate collected 568 animals as a result of abandonment calls.

How we're scrapping the puppy trade

In 2015 we launched our campaign to Scrap the Puppy trade. Over 100,000 of you added your voice until the government listened. This year, as a result, new regulations have been put into place to better protect the welfare of animals being sold commercially.

100 puppies rescued at Christmas

Hugo rescued from a puppy farm

In December 2016, as part of a large multi-agency investigation, we helped to rescue Hugo and almost 100 other puppies from the illegal puppy trade. The pups were just six or seven weeks old and they were being smuggled into the country in horrendous conditions. After receiving a thorough health check, Hugo was soon rehomed to a loving new home.

If you’re thinking of getting a puppy why not rehome one from us? All of the dogs rehomed by us are given a health-check, vaccinated and microchipped.

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