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Vet Surgeon at RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital

As a Vet Surgeon specialising in orthopaedic surgery, Krzysztof works tirelessly at our Greater Manchester Animal Hospital. He performs everything from fracture repairs to amputations, transforming the lives of the animals in his care.

Vet Surgeon Krzysztof

Q. What drew you to this role?

A. I've always loved animals. I wanted to work somewhere where the focus was really on helping them and not on making money.

Q. What do you find most rewarding about your job?

A. It's rewarding to help an animal and fix whatever is wrong so that they can go to an RSPCA animal centre to find their forever home. You're really giving them a second chance.

Q. Roughly how many surgeries are performed at the hospital a week?

A. Between all the vets, it's usually about 50 or 60 a week. Sometimes more.

Q. Tell us about a surgery you performed recently.

Robbie the dog

A. I recently operated on a dog called Robbie. He had a developmental disease that meant his kneecap was sliding on the wrong part of his leg. It was a long and difficult surgery, but without it, it's unlikely he would have had the chance to be rehomed.

Q. Is there anything you'd like to say to RSPCA supporters?

A. I want to thank them for making what we do possible. Even though they're not physically here with us, they are a vital part of our team and they are contributing a lot.

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