Cymru campaign success as bill laid to ban wild animals in circuses

Today our campaigning team in Wales have released a video marking the 'momentous day for animal welfare', with long-sought legislation laid before the National Assembly for Wales.

Bill to ban the use of wild animals in circuses

We have declared today (July 8) a 'momentous day for animal welfare' as the Welsh Government confirms a bill has been laid which will ban the use of wild animals in circuses, following the introduction of a similar Bill in England introduced earlier this year.

We have long led a campaign to end the spectre of wild animals being carted around with traveling circuses. In May of this year, the Wild Animals in Circuses (No2) Bill was introduced in England and today a similar Bill has been put forward by the Welsh Government.

Lesley Griffiths, the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, said:

The introduction of this bill sends a clear message to this Government and the people of Wales believe this practice to be outdated and ethically unacceptable.

Circus life not suitable for wild animals

The transient nature of circuses - alongside cramped accommodation and forced training for animals - highlights how inappropriate these settings are for wild animals.

We have campaigned for many, many years to end the use of wild animals in circuses - and we're now urging Assembly Members to back this new Bill and ensure a ban is in place in Wales as soon as possible.

A momentous day for animal welfare in Wales

Our assistant director for external relations in Wales, Claire Lawson said:

This is a momentous day for animal welfare in Wales and delivers another strong statement as to how society should treat our fellow living creatures.

We're absolutely delighted the Welsh Government has brought this bill forward, which follows tireless campaigning.

We're so grateful to the people across Wales who have backed this campaign. We've seen a real groundswell of opinion across Wales for a ban, and it's great the Welsh Government have taken that on board and acted for these animals.

We now urge all political groupings within the National Assembly for Wales to back the ban, and ensure this out-dated and cruel practice is consigned to the history books in Wales as soon as possible."

You made it happen!

Approximately 9,000 backed the petition calling for action in Wales. With street stalls and events, and hundreds of supporter emails which have been sent directly to the responsible Minister backing a ban, as part of a wide-ranging public campaign.

Chris Wainwright, our deputy chief executive, added:

This bill sends a powerful statement about how we should treat animals in modern, compassionate Wales.

It follows tireless campaigning - with huge resources placed at this campaign to ensure wild animals no longer face the hugely inappropriate conditions of out-dated traveling circuses.

The public's consistent backing for this campaign has been so important and has helped us send a clear message that wild animals in circuses have no place in Wales.

We're delighted that today this vision is a step nearer, and we look forward to working with Assembly Members to get a robust ban on this practice into force.

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It is only with your support that we have been able to push for these Bills to be introduced, helping to end the outdated practice of performing wild animals in circuses.

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