A day at a wildlife centre, in seven GIFs

We recently released a series of videos all about the people who work in our wildlife centres, and the animals that they work with. Incase you haven’t had time to watch them all yet – here’s a quick catch up with a few of our favourite clips.

1. Giving the bats their breakfast (and all their other meals too).

Bat feeding on mealworm © RSPCA

2. Checking up on the new badger admissions.

Badger getting a checkup © RSPCA

3. Weighing the hedgehogs, handled with care.

Hedgehog in vets hands © RSPCA

4. Birds having their wings examined.

Vet checking a bird wing © RSPCA

5. Foxes being sedated for careful inspection.

Vet performing a health check on fox © RSPCA

6. Watching the seals splash around in their outdoor pool, getting ready for life in the sea.

Seals splashing and playing in pool © RSPCA

7. And rehabilitated animals being released back into the wild.

Releasing a bird back into the wild © RSPCA

Want to know more?

Our youtube channel features all kinds of exclusive insights into life at the RSPCA, including a video series set inside our wildlife centres:

Find out more about our work with wildlife and how to get involved.

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