Rehome a pet: Valentine's Day special


Meet some of our rescues animals who are looking for love this Valentine's day...

There's nothing more unconditional than the love of a pet! If you're considering owning a dog, why not rehome one that's looking for their forever home and save them from staying a lonely heart.

Bouncer the Staffie Bull


Bouncer is around eight years old and is a black Staffordshire Bull Terrier currently residing at our Crewe and Nantwich branch. Young at heart, he loves interacting with his human friends and craves the love and attention of an owner to call his own.

Full of fun, he lives up to his name but can also contain his excitement and walk beautifully on a lead when it's time to venture out. Friendly and playful, Bouncer would love to fill the gap in a pet-less home and can be homed with older children.

As an older gentleman, Bouncer is finding his time in kennels a little lonely as his friendly personality means he enjoys nothing more than being with people. He has lots of love to give and his enthusiasm knows no bounds, something he demonstrates perfectly at playtime when he's enjoying running around in a field. Help us mend Bouncer's broken heart by helping him to find love again in a new home.

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Bronson the American Bulldog


White and black American Bulldog, Bronson, is around two years old and loves to please people. As a larger dog, he would be the ideal pet for someone who's used to bigger breeds. Bronson is quite the clever boy and would love to further his basic training skills in his new home!

He loves being around other dogs at our Altham branch, and an older, calmer and more confident dog could help him to contain his excitement at being in the company of canine friends. With a little time and training, Bronson would be perfect for someone who's looking for companionship, especially once he understands that being left alone at times is okay.

Happy and excitable, living with older children and other dogs would suit Bronson's loving and friendly nature, making him a fitting member for a family. Give your heart to a dog like Bronson and he'll do the same back

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Brada the German Shepherd Cross


A resident at our Leeds and Wakefield branch, Brada is approximately three years old and a German Shepherd crossbreed. A little shy at first, but once she gets to know you, Brada is full of love

Lively and intelligent, she knows basic commands and is willing to learn many more, making her the ideal pet for those who love and are committed to training and teaching new tricks. Sweet-natured and energetic, Brada is well-suited to homes with older children who can run around with her but would prefer her owners' undivided attention when it comes to other furry pals.

Brada loves her food and treats, which comes in handy at training time for this quick learner! This one is slightly wary of other dogs when out for her walk, but with a little patience and coaching, her social skills will come on leaps and bounds. If you're looking for love, look no further than Brada!

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We have hundreds of other pets looking for love...

There are hundreds of dogs across our branches looking for a loving home, so this Valentine's Day, find your perfect match on Find a Pet.

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