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Quirky comedian Daly

Featured in episode thirteen of The Dog Rescuers

Daly the six-year-old Staffy has been in the care of our South Godstone Animal Centre, near Reigate, Surrey, for around six months now.

Daly’s a clever boy who’s full of fun and zest for life. He’s now looking for a family to take him home.

Playtime with Daly


Daly lives to play! He’s a keen footballer, and loves nothing more than having a nudge-around with his ball in the off lead area – he often sniffs out staff and volunteers to enlist onto his team for a game of fetch.

When football’s not on the cards, he’s also very happy to spring into a good old fashioned tug of war with his raggy toys, and to take plenty of walks.

Kennel supervisor Marie Thackaberry says:

Daley has become a firm favourite with all the staff and volunteers at the centre – he’s such a character! He makes everyone laugh.

He’s made quite a name for himself through being such a quirky dog. Especially his funny habit of rolling on the grass while making excited noises, letting everyone know how much he's enjoying himself.

When Daly’s not playing and entertaining, he likes his home comforts. He loves affection, and will come and sit with his visitors for cuddles and belly rubs. And everyone’s heart breaks watching him sweetly tuck himself into bed after he’s tired himself out.

Daly’s perfect family


Daly’s an energetic dog, and he’s looking for an energetic family to match! He wants lots of long walks, plenty of playtime, and buckets of affection. If you like to be out and about, enjoy chucking a ball around, and have a good secure garden, Daly might well be the dog for you.

He’s proven himself to be pretty smart so far, mastering his basic commands with ease. He would really benefit from attending training classes to learn new things alongside his new family. As he’s been living in kennels, he may need some initial help with housetraining.

Daly loves playing with other dogs, but he can be very excited and full-on when making new friends. He’ll need some help with socialising and practicing his manners, but he should be okay living with another dog, providing they’re a good match and have a chance to get to know each other before Daly goes home. He won’t be able to live with cats.

He would be happy to live with children of secondary school age and up, but as he’s a bit excitable, we’d recommend children who are used to dogs already. He’ll need time to settle into his new family, and needs an owner who can be around most of the day until he gets used to spending short periods of time alone.

Could you be the one for Daly?

Although Daly is loved by everyone at the centre, like many dogs he’s finding kennel life quite stressful. Cheeky chap Daly deserves so much more. Could you be the one to welcome Daly home?

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