Research animals

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In this section you will find a range of guidance documents and information papers for individuals or organisations working in animal welfare around the world.

These particular documents have been designed specifically for an international audience but please note that a lot more information on this subject is also available in the research animals section of this site.

Portuguese (Brazilian)

Boas práticas de alojamento e cuidados [Good practice for housing and care]

Uma introdução (2009) (PDF 491KB) [introduction] 

Camundongos (2009) (PDF 648KB) [mice] 

Ratos (2009) (PDF 577KB) [rats]

Coelhos (2009) (PDF 1.93MB) [rabbits]

Porquinhos-da-Índia (2009) (PDF 610KB) [guinea pigs]

Cães (2010) (PDF 427KB) [dogs]

Bovinos (2010) (PDF 444KB) [cattle]


Frangos Domésticos (2010) (PDF 425KB) [domestic fowl]

Suínos (2010) (PDF 414KB) [pigs]

Ovinos (2011) (PDF 421KB) [sheep]

Hamsters (2011) (PDF 429KB)


  • Good practice for the housing and care of commonly used laboratory animal species.
  • Projects involving genetically modified animals - addresses ethical and welfare issues specific to research using GM animals.

Hard copies of these documents can be requested free of charge by emailing:

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